ComfyLife Unbleached Precut Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

We’re all about switching to reusable goods whenever we have the means, so we totally understand why aspiring home bakers might choose to pick up some silicone baking mats.

However, as Wirecutter notes, those kinds of mats have too many downsides (at least, outside of very specific use cases) to make the investment worth it, like the amount of water you’ll use futilely trying to rid them of grease and odors.

The reality is, there are some instances in life where going disposable makes more sense — but that still doesn’t mean you have to give up all hopes of helping the planet.

Take this unbleached nonstick parchment paper, for example. Not only does it lack harsh and unnatural chemicals that might otherwise leak into your food or elsewhere, you can also simply wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth and store it for re-use later, provided it’s not burned. And even then, you can usually trim off any burned sections on the edges rather than tossing out the whole sheet.


Moreover, it’s already precut into 16″ x 12″ sheets — 120 of them in the pack — so they’ve still got the convenience factor of not having to fuss around with a terrible cutter on a box or trying to find those darn scissors that are always disappearing. This also means they won’t annoyingly curl up on you while baking like the rolled stuff can.

Now, because the sheets are coated with food-safe silicone, unfortunately I can’t recommend tossing the parchment paper into your compost bin after use, which would’ve been a nice bonus for avoiding Silpat-style mats. But if you make an effort to wipe down and reuse each sheet until you can’t anymore, they’ll still last you a good while and you can rest a tad easier at night.

Get a 120-pack of this precut parchment paper for $13 on Amazon. If you need more somehow, a 200-pack is $18.