The Combustion Inc. Smart Grilling Thermometer is Now Up for Pre-order

Nearly a year ago I wrote about Chris Young’s startup Combustion Inc., which has been developing a PlayDate-esque smart cooking thermometer + timer that uses machine learning and a suite of sensors to accurately predict (not just measure) when a piece of meat will reach its perfect doneness:

With the Predictive Thermometer you never have to guess. It measures the temperature outside and inside the food, in the center and at the surface, and nearly everywhere in between. So you know what’s really happening inside your food. It’s like being a mind-reader, but with steak.

There’s no need for me to recover every aspect of the thing again; you can always peruse their webpage or FAQ page for all the details. I’m just here to let you know that the Combustion thermometer is now finally available for pre-order, with plans to start shipping in early June 2022. The thermometer + timer pre-order bundle is currently set at $139.

We can’t wait for this bad boy to make it into our hands and our cooking workflows! 🔥