Collar and Cuffs London “StormDefender” Umbrella

Despite its somewhat goofy name, the StormDefender umbrella from Collar and Cuffs London is an elegant implement for fending off the elements. (Feels like I just wrote a rap verse there.) A lot of that elegance comes from the solid wood hook handle, which pairs well with the navy blue canopy and gives the umbrella a timeless look that naturally draws the eye as you stroll down a city street.

It’s a rather large and sturdy umbrella too, and you can really feel that in its heft when you pick it up. I don’t know that you could necessarily use it as a full-time cane or anything, but it can definitely support some weight when needed. It’s also built to withstand heavy downpours and strong wind, thanks to its 24 fiberglass-reinforced ribs and metal shaft.

For $35 on Amazon you can carry this classically styled umbrella for years to come.