Some people like to work in an office, while others – like myself – are at our creative best in a comfortable environment like a coffee shop. For those of us in the latter camp, Coffitivity is an excellent app for Mac, iOS, and the web that recreates the acoustic experience of working in a bustling coffee shop.

Choose one of three immersive “environments” to listen to – my favorite is ‘Morning Murmur’ – and enjoy the ambient sounds of people chatting, cups clinking, and chairs moving, just as if you were right there in the shop. You can always add your own music too if you want, which feels a bit like having control of the coffee shop’s playlist.

While the webapp is totally free to check out anytime, the Mac and iOS apps are both only $2 as of this writing. The people behind Coffitivity are also allowing people to submit their own audio recordings, so stay tuned for those in the future as well.