Cloudnola “Capsule” Flip Date Clock

You may remember Cloudnola from their “Texttime” clock, which was something of a different take on the typical flip clock design (by telling time in words, not numbers). Their “Capsule” clock similarly goes in a slightly different direction by making the date the primary focus rather than the time.

Most of the Capsule is taken up by a three-pane split-flap display that gives you the current month, date, and day of the week (shown in either AM or PM). To the right of that is a small analog clock, which to my eye is a bit reminiscent of Swiss Railway timepieces.

The Capsule can be hung on a wall:


…or simply placed on a desk or shelf:


Either way, it’s a stylish little addition to any space. And as someone who struggles to remember what day it is anymore (an extremely common thing for us RVers, I’ve found), this is a handy way to check with just a quick glance.

The date/time setup process is a bit interesting but their instruction video makes it clear enough:

Get the Cloudnola Capsule clock for $195 on Amazon.