Clore “Booster Pac” ES5000 Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

On many of our RV travel days, we tow our little Honda Fit (aka our ‘toad’) behind our motorhome. It’s a fairly okay arrangement most of the time, but one issue we’ve had to deal with is the fact that, because the car has to be put into ‘accessory mode’ to allow the steering wheel to turn during towing, the poor little battery will occasionally run out of juice if we don’t pull over to start and run the car every couple hours or so.

Rather than calling our roadside service or asking strangers to jump us every time that happens, we prefer having a portable jump starter like this one around so we can quickly get back up and running again.


It’s small but dependable, operates in pretty much any temperature we’re likely to find ourselves in (they claim anywhere between -20°F to 115°F but I haven’t tested those extremes), and it even has a little cigarette lighter socket so you can charge your phone off it if needed.

Get this trusty lil’ jump starter for $136 on Amazon.