Cliff Display Riser & Desk Drawer

From the makers of OneLessDesk comes the Cliff, a display riser and desk drawer designed to work perfectly with the iMac.

Made from steel and beautifully powdercoated in one of four colors (black, white, red, or lime green), the Cliff keeps desk clutter out of your way so you can focus on more important things. Two sliding drawers, one on either side, are meant for office miscellany such as staplers, tape dispensers, and the like. Circular openings throughout the body allow you to manage your cabling and/or secure your setup with a Kensington lock.

A bonus of using the Cliff is that it places your iMac/monitor at just the right height not only for ergonomics, but also for placing a MacBook Pro in front for the perfect dual-display setup.

Get the Cliff at Heckler Design for $75 + shipping.