Clemens Habicht “1000 Changing Colors” Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’ve completed the Ravensburger “Krypt” solid-color puzzle and need something of similar challenge, check out the insane “1000 Changing Colors” puzzle designed by artist Clemens Habicht. It’s printed with a lenticular lens to create an iridescent/holographic effect where the colors change at different angles.

The effect is gorgeous to look at…

…but all the more challenging for it, as explained by Redditor u/puzzlecolornerd:

In case anyone is curious, it was definitely challenging but two things made it doable: first, the holo effect is made using lenticular imaging, which uses parallel tiny tubular lenses for lack of a better word so that you see the different colors at different angles, and that gives the entire surface a consistent grain which I could use to orient the pieces. Secondly, every piece was two colors, and along a gradient, so I could sort by the color pairs and find all the green/magenta pieces and separate them from the green/red or blue/yellow, etc.

I do not recommend gifting this to anyone who is colorblind unless they’ve wronged you in some extreme manner.

You can get the “1000 Changing Colors” puzzle for $150 AUD (~$108 USD) at Lamington Drive (a large part of which is international shipping fees). While this particular set is currently unavailable on Amazon as of September 3rd, 2018, you can get the “1000 Colors”, “1000 Vibrating Colors”, and “1000 Halftone Colors” editions there for about $48–$50 each.