ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher for Pets

We all know dogs make wonderful friends who are always up for a game of toss-the-ball. We also know that your throwing arm and shoulder are likely to give out long before they ever tire of fetching the thing. They’re like ball-chasing machines, these guys.

That’s why all owners of active dogs everywhere should have the ChuckIt! ball launcher, which essentially increases the length of your throwing arm so the ball flies much farther and faster, but without nearly as much effort. Moreover, when they come back and drop that slobbery toy in front of you, you no longer have to bend down or even touch the thing yourself; just place the launcher’s “mouth” over the ball and press down to pick it up and throw again.

They have various lengths of the Sport Ball Launcher to accommodate pet owners of various heights, and each one comes in small, medium, or large size to work with various-sized balls — small for 2″ balls, medium for 2.5″ balls, and large for 3″ balls.