Chemex Ottomatic

The Chemex has long been a favorite coffee brewer of ours, especially at times when more than one cup (*ahem* AeroPress) is needed. But, we realize not everyone is into the idea of brewing by hand.

The folks at Chemex figured this out too, and thus the Chemex Ottomatic was born. It’s sort of like the Bruvelo coffee maker, but made for Chemex carafes of any size — you simply add water, measure out some coffee into the cone filter atop the carafe, and turn the machine on. The sprayhead will begin pulsing water over the grounds, keeping the entire coffee bed wet until the process is complete and you’re left with a carafe full of deliciousness.

You’ll still want to have your own coffee grinder and a kitchen scale for best results, but at least you won’t have to fuss over the pouring process if that’s the thing you always hated doing. (We think that’s the fun part, but to each their own, right?)

The Chemex Ottomatic includes their six-cup carafe and a few filters.