Checkmark 2 for iPhone

Checkmark 2 is the latest edition of the popular iPhone task-management app. It’s been rebuilt from scratch for iOS 7 and has lots of new features to help you get stuff done.

My favorite new feature is the ability to set “location groups”, i.e. categories of places where you’d want to get reminded about a particular thing. Let’s say you set up a location group called “Groceries” that contains the various grocery stores you regularly shop at. If you create a reminder within this group to pick up some produce and arrive within a specified radius of any of those stores, Checkmark 2 will ping you with a reminder.

I’ve also got location groups set up for “Library” (for borrowing books on my wish list) and “Coffee Shops” (for getting some fresh coffee beans when I run out at home). Think about the places you regularly visit and get creative with your location groups. Such a handy feature.

Organizing tasks has also been improved by the addition of headers that allow you to group them in a list however you wish. If you get a reminder about something but can’t get to it right then, just tap “Reschedule” and push it back by 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.

There are other features I haven’t even touched on here, but trust me, Checkmark 2 is a fantastic app for managing your tasks. Way more powerful than the built-in

It’s on sale for 50% off right now too, so get it from the iOS App Store for only $3 while you still can.