Chakir Turkish Linens Thick-Stripe Beach & Pool Towels

Is it too late in the year to be linking beach towels on this blog? I dunno, I don’t have a good sense of that kind of thing anymore, having followed (mostly) warm weather across the country for the past six years 😅

In any case, these nice-looking beach towels from Chakir Turkish Linens are terrifically soft, absorbent, and warm — perfect for wrapping around yourself after you’ve exited the water, whether it’s actually at the beach or at the pool. It’s what you’d imagine being hugged by a fluffy cloud feels like, despite what the “science” says or whatever. Just let me have this, okay?!

Get a pack of four towels for $43–$49 on Amazon (depending on color) and bring a bit of that luxury cabana experience to your beach-going adventures.