Comic Neue

People have mixed feelings about Comic Sans. “Civilians” love the font for its casual handwritten look, while designers just love to hate it. Graphic designer Craig Rozynski decided he’d had enough of this divide, and designed a new typeface intended … (More)

TextExpander Touch 2.5

Speaking of TextExpander Touch, it’s been updated to version 2.5 and sports a new iOS 7 design along with some new features. They’ve made it much easier to rename and reorder snippet groups, as well as move individual snippets between … (More)

WriteRight for iOS

WriteRight is an app for iPhone and iPad that probably won’t replace your favorite iOS text editor (*cough* Editorial *cough*), but works nicely as a supplemental writing and editing tool. It analyzes your writing and offers synonyms and antonyms for … (More)

Sean McCabe’s ‘Learn Lettering’ Classes

Sean McCabe, the guy who designed the awesome ‘Influence the World’ poster (amongst many other things) has put together a set of video courses to help you become a hand-lettering artist yourself. In these videos, Sean shows you how to … (More)

‘On Writing Well’ by William Zinsser

William Zinsser’s On Writing Well—much like The Elements of Style and Stephen King’s On Writing—is one of those books that gets recommended to all writers sooner or later. And for good reason. Zinsser has been in the writing business a … (More)

Field Notes — ‘Shelterwood’ Edition

The guys at Field Notes have done it again with the latest in their COLORS lineup, the cover of which is actually made of wood. It’s called the Shelterwood Edition. As you can watch in their behind-the-scenes video, they’ve very … (More)

‘The Display’ — Pen and Notebook Holder

Mike Dudek, the guy who writes about pens over at The Clicky Post, also handcrafts some very nice pen-and-notebook holders. My favorite of the bunch is called ‘The Display’, because it displays your pens nicely (up to 5) and also … (More)

Plink — An iOS Image Solution for Bloggers

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I do all of my writing and blogging from my iPad, using a combination of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Editorial. I enjoy this setup for the most part, but the one aspect … (More)

‘Some Thoughts About Writing’ by Patrick Rhone

My friend Patrick Rhone has just released another one of his “living guide” eBooks, this one titled Some Thoughts About Writing. In it, he discusses what it takes to be a successful, professional writer, and provides some excellent tips along … (More)

1Writer for iOS

1Writer is one of those iOS writing apps that I always thought looked very nice, but it never provided a good enough reason to switch away from something like Editorial or Byword. You’d still have to pry Editorial out of … (More)

WordBook — English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

On the latest episode of The Prompt, Federico Viticci mentioned an iOS app called WordBook that sounded interesting enough for me to check out. It’s a pretty powerful English dictionary and thesaurus, and I think it might just replace my … (More)

nvNotes for iPhone

nvNotes is a note-taking app for iPhone that was inspired by apps like nvALT, Notational Velocity, and more recently, the new Writer Pro. This is one of those apps that mostly stays out of your way so you can focus … (More)

‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is one of those books that I’ve always heard about from other writers, but I didn’t get around to reading it until very recently. I wish I’d gotten around to it … (More)

Eastgate’s WinterFest 2013

Eastgate, the folks behind note-organization app Tinderbox, have put on a winter holiday sale featuring several awesome writing apps for the Mac. The sale includes Tinderbox itself, Scrivener, Scapple, DEVONthink Pro, and Nisus Writer Pro. In each case, you can … (More)

Writer Pro for Mac and iOS

Sometimes a new writing app comes out that has everybody talking about it for a while. Right now, Writer Pro, the successor to the ever-popular iA Writer, is the new hotness. This app is designed around the four basic stages … (More)


Wipebook is a Kickstarter project that essentially combines a paper notebook with a dry-erase board. Each page is its own mini-whiteboard, meaning that you can leave your sketches and/or notes as long as you want, then easily erase them whenever … (More)


MarkDrop is a new text editor for Mac OS X (10.8 and above) that combines Markdown with Droplr for easy sharing and storage. The left pane, with its monospaced text and format-highlighting, is where you’ll do your writing. The right … (More)

The Move Pen

I’m one of those people who always finds a way to lose pens, no matter what I do. I’ll leave one in a specific spot, only to find that it was somehow magicked away the next time I need it. … (More)

ZAGGkeys Cover — Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Air

As someone who does nearly all of my writing from an iPad, I’ve been very happy with my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I like the feel of the keys and the way it protects my iPad when it’s closed, plus … (More)

Field Shave Kit

Something I’ve noticed a lot of in the last few years is a renewed interest in the old-school, ritualistic style of shaving, often referred to as “wet shaving“. Guys are tossing out their modern shaving stuff in favor of the … (More)

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