Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

Bummed about Disney buying Lucasfilms? A Darth Vader Mini-Fig clock should restore balance to the Force. With a two-year battery, snooze button and the Dark Lord himself, let your loved ones or coworkers know you’re serious about being on time.

Lunatik Antik

Got a Lunatik watch band, and bummed the new iPod nano isn’t watch-friendly anymore? Well, the guys and gals behind the Lunatik watchbands have you covered. The Antik analog watch fits perfectly in any of Lunatik’s bands, and quite frankly, looks great. Available in a black or silver case with an amber, black or “gamma” front, the Antik will run you just…

Casio Men’s DBC30-1 Databank Digital Watch

Your watch should make a statement about you, and if you’re a nerd, the DBC30-1 Databank Digital Watch might just be the statement for you. This watch first went on sale in November 1974. Complete with a 30-page databank, an 8-digit calculator, five multi-function alarms, and a stopwatch function, the DBC30-1 screams “I’m nerdy” in a way that girls will love people…

Alessi AL13001 Wrist Watch

A classy, ultra-simple watch with a simple leather wristband is hard to beat. The Alessi AL13001 has a round stainless steel case, 41 mm diameter white face, and a 22 mm brown leather strap that complements any proper outfit.

Braun Men’s Watch

Simple and sophisticated, this is a 1970s reissued wristwatch from Braun. It features a round 38mm black face, a stainless steel case, and 24mm black leather band. The simplicity of this watch means it will look good and match whatever you wear it with — from a tuxedo to a t-shirt.

The 300 Series Chronograph

The 300 Series at Wrong Weather is gorgeous. It’s a minimal yet classy chronograph wristwatch that has aircraft grade 42mm brushed stainless steel case, a white face, mineral crystal lens, and tan italian leather band.

Invicta Black on Black Chronograph Watch with Black Leather

If black is the new black, then the Invicta 1430 II is nothing but class. It sports a black dial with bold, white numerals that sits inside a black ion-plated stainless steel casing. The 1430 is held on by a black leather strap. This watch is sure to look good regardless of if you’re wearing a suit or a t-shirt. And right…

Timex Weekender Watch

Sometimes you simply need an inexpensive watch. Something that is light, minimal, and you don’t mind if it gets scuffed up after a while. The Timex Weekender is exactly that. It has a classic look, striped or solid nylon band, and won’t set you back at all. It comes in more than one style of face and band.

iWatchz Q Collection Wrist Band for iPod nano

As we’ve discussed before, the iPod nano can make for one snazzy watch. And so, if you’re in want of an equally snazzy wrist band, this Q collection of bands from iWatchz are inexpensive and not ugly. They have no complicated assembly or rubber housings for holding your nano, rather you just slide and click the nano into place. And the Q…

James Bond NATO Watch Straps

If you’ve picked up the Seiko Automatic Watch, or already have a watch that can use a nylon strap, then the James Bond NATO strap is your ticket to a slightly more fun, interesting, and perhaps even more dangerous watch. These handsome fellows are available in various thicknesses from 18mm to 22mm, and in all different colors. (Thanks, Ken.)

Seiko 5 Men’s SNK809 Automatic Watch

The day you start wearing an automatic watch is akin to the day you start shaving with a classic safety razor. Automatic watches are self-winding and need no battery (the movement of your arm throughout the day is what keeps them going). And they are normally quite expensive. However, this classy watch from Seiko is currently on a fire sale over at…