Fitbit Surge

Even with the Apple Watch release looming in the horizon, other companies are pressing ahead with their digital watches and fitness trackers. Fitbit has announced that the Fitbit Surge is now available for pre-order for $249.95. This “Super Watch” has some unique features that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Greyhours Essential Watch

The Essential is a sleek timepiece made by Greyhours that represents everything I want in a watch. This minimalist watch tracks only the time, day, and date—the only features I really care about—and it’s beautiful to boot. And for $250, it’s not outrageously expensive despite the use of high-end materials in its production, such as Italian calf leather and an IsaSwiss quartz…

Balance Watch

Balance Watch is a Kickstarter for a wristwatch that wants to help you achieve a better work/play balance. The right half of its face (“work”) looks like a typical watch, with visible markers for hours 12-6 and minutes 0-30. The left half (“play”) is totally blank, signifying that this is your time to do as you please. You can focus on the…

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