Greyhours Essential Watch

The Essential is a sleek timepiece made by Greyhours that represents everything I want in a watch. This minimalist watch tracks only the time, day, and date—the only features I really care about—and it’s beautiful to boot. And for $250, … (More)

Balance Watch

Balance Watch is a Kickstarter for a wristwatch that wants to help you achieve a better work/play balance. The right half of its face (“work”) looks like a typical watch, with visible markers for hours 12-6 and minutes 0-30. The … (More)

Analog Watch Co.’s ‘Carpenter Collection — Wood Watches

I’ve seen some interesting watches before, but one made almost entirely out of wood, down to the single-piece flexible band? That’s a new one on me. And yet that’s exactly what Analog Watch Co. have come up with for their … (More)

The Runwell Watch by Shinola

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a connoisseur of watches. I typically don’t even spend more than twenty bucks on one. But I do have an appreciation for things that exhibit a certain level of craftsmanship. The Runwell … (More)

Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch

The clocks used along the Swiss Federal Railway have a very iconic design, one that is both simple and elegant. Even Apple couldn’t resist using this trademarked look in the iPad’s clock app. Since I can’t very well strap an … (More)

Chroma Watch

I don’t consider myself an expert on watches, but every now and then an interesting one will catch my eye. The Chroma Watch is just such an example. Throughout the day, a color wheel behind the black face turns, causing … (More)

Cyclops SE Watch

The Cyclops SE is not your usual wristwatch. It has a black stainless steel case and black stainless steel mesh strap, but the real magic happens on the face. Each hour is represented by a circle and a red hoop … (More)

Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch

Rounding out our week of covering some cool watches is the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch. The $180 wristwatch is Bluetooth 4.0-enabled, meaning it can talk to your iPhone, providing notifications for incoming calls and texts, as well as be used … (More)

The Accurate Wristwatch

The Accurate is a $200 wristwatch with a message — the hour hand reads “remember,” the minute hand “you will die.” The dial and rim of the glass are mirrored, so when you check your watch, you’ll see your face … (More)

Invicta Men’s Watch with Four Interchangeable Bond Nato Straps

Currently on sale for $49 for Amazon Prime members (the normal price is $295), the Invicta Men’s Watch is a great Swiss timepiece at a price that (quite frankly) seems insane. The Invicta 12802 is powered by Japanese quartz movement. … (More)

Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

Bummed about Disney buying Lucasfilms? A Darth Vader Mini-Fig clock should restore balance to the Force. With a two-year battery, snooze button and the Dark Lord himself, let your loved ones or coworkers know you’re serious about being on time.

Lunatik Antik

Got a Lunatik watch band, and bummed the new iPod nano isn’t watch-friendly anymore? Well, the guys and gals behind the Lunatik watchbands have you covered. The Antik analog watch fits perfectly in any of Lunatik’s bands, and quite frankly, … (More)

Casio Men’s DBC30-1 Databank Digital Watch

Your watch should make a statement about you, and if you’re a nerd, the DBC30-1 Databank Digital Watch might just be the statement for you. This watch first went on sale in November 1974. Complete with a 30-page databank, an … (More)

Alessi AL13001 Wrist Watch

A classy, ultra-simple watch with a simple leather wristband is hard to beat. The Alessi AL13001 has a round stainless steel case, 41 mm diameter white face, and a 22 mm brown leather strap that complements any proper outfit.

Braun Men’s Watch

Simple and sophisticated, this is a 1970s reissued wristwatch from Braun. It features a round 38mm black face, a stainless steel case, and 24mm black leather band. The simplicity of this watch means it will look good and match whatever … (More)

The 300 Series Chronograph

The 300 Series at Wrong Weather is gorgeous. It’s a minimal yet classy chronograph wristwatch that has aircraft grade 42mm brushed stainless steel case, a white face, mineral crystal lens, and tan italian leather band.

Invicta Black on Black Chronograph Watch with Black Leather

If black is the new black, then the Invicta 1430 II is nothing but class. It sports a black dial with bold, white numerals that sits inside a black ion-plated stainless steel casing. The 1430 is held on by a … (More)

Timex Weekender Watch

Sometimes you simply need an inexpensive watch. Something that is light, minimal, and you don’t mind if it gets scuffed up after a while. The Timex Weekender is exactly that. It has a classic look, striped or solid nylon band, … (More)

iWatchz Timepiece Collection Leather Watch Band for iPod nano

And so long as we’re on the subject of patented iPod nano wrist bands, here is another one from the iWatchz folks, but this time it’s in leather. A silver cased, multi-touch, digital watch face with a leather band? What … (More)

iWatchz Q Collection Wrist Band for iPod nano

As we’ve discussed before, the iPod nano can make for one snazzy watch. And so, if you’re in want of an equally snazzy wrist band, this Q collection of bands from iWatchz are inexpensive and not ugly. They have no … (More)

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