Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker

I recently happened across an article in The Atlantic that piqued my interest in the Sowden SoftBrew coffee maker. (Because, I don’t already have enough coffee makers in my life, right? Please send help.) It’s essentially a ceramic kettle with a large, easily-removable, stainless steel mesh filter inside. In fact, it looks a lot like a tea brewer. The filter has been…


Searchpath, developed by Manton Reece, is a neat little search box you can easily embed on your website or blog. All you have to do is add a little Javascript snippet to your site (in the footer or wherever else you might want a search bar) and Searchpath will index everything so that it can be searched by visitors later. The results…

The Apogee Handmade Folded iPhone Carry

Made from stone-oiled leather that simply folds over into itself, the Apogee Handmade Folded iPhone Carry might be the classiest, simplest iPhone case we’ve seen in a while. There’s no stitching, no velcro and no buttons — just leather. These things are handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia. They can be made to fit an iPhone 4S or 5, and are $45 a pop.