Ugmonk 5th Anniversary Set

Over the last five years, Ugmonk has been the purveyor of awesome graphic tees that show an affinity for fine typography. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Ugmonk has designed a limited-run collection of neat stuff that’s worth checking out. This … (More)

Butane Baton Lighter

Simple, attractive, and it runs off butane? What’s not to like about this lighter?


Instead of collecting your used wine bottle corks in a jar, why not turn them into toy animal decorations instead? Or, next time you take a bottle of wine to a dinner party, bring along a Bunny Corker with it.


The ōlloclip was all the rage amongst our group at Macworld. They had a booth on the Expo floor and were completely sold out before lunch on the third day. I picked one up and have really be loving it. … (More)

Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler Pocket Knife

An item that belongs on the keychain of every man in the world and in the purse of every woman. There are all sorts of small pocket knives out there, but this tried, true, and simple Victorinox Rambler is, in … (More)

Restoration Hardware’s Industrial Desk Accessories

In some offices you simply cannot get by without a stapler, pencil sharpener, or tape dispenser nearby. And if these are the tools that you need, why use something ugly? Good design inspires. But never should style get in the … (More)

Brass Index Clips

As much as we love going digital, there are still parts of our life that are kept analog. Sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of desire. And so, when using pens and papers for whatever reason, why not do … (More)