Vapur Element Travel Water Bottle

I’m the type of guy that likes to carry a water bottle wherever I go. I’m a lot less likely to go out and buy a sweet drink if I’ve got some water with me, and refilling the same bottle … (More)

KeepCup Brew

(Photo credit: Alex Bernson, While we’re on the subject of coffee, we should talk about an awesome vessel for consuming the stuff. The KeepCup Brew—a brand-new glass version of the plastic KeepCup Original—is a reusable coffee cup that aims … (More)

Mileage Log+ for iPhone

My wife runs her own dance school, which often requires us to leave town for competitions and performances. On those trips, we track our mileage and travel expenses for tax purposes. Nothing a simple notepad can’t handle, but I am … (More)

Cartom Wrist Wallet

As slim as wallets have gotten in recent years, there are still times when it’s unfeasible to carry one. Some mornings, I enjoy a quick bike ride to and from my local coffee shop but I’m often wearing shorts with … (More)

‘The Way to Go’ by Kate Ascher

If you’re the kind of person that likes to know how the infrastructure all around you works, then you’re gonna love Kate Ascher’s books. In 2007′s The Works: Anatomy of a City, she showed us the myriad factors that keep … (More)

Monster Outlets to Go 4-Outlet Power Strip

As any seasoned traveler knows, it isn’t always easy to find enough power outlets to charge your various devices. It’s also not very economical to carry an entire power strip around in your bag. This is where the Monster Outlets … (More)

Velo Transit’s Edge 30 Waterproof Backpack

The Edge 30 Backpack by Velo Transit is an ideal bag for cyclists—or really, anyone who ever has to deal with rain while carrying their things around outdoors. The interior lining is RF-welded and thus prevents moisture from leaking in … (More)

Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet

Alright, you’re packed, you’re well-caffeinated, and it’s time to head out the door. Hopefully by now you’ve chosen a good way to carry your money and passport around, but if not, you should have a gander at the Saddleback Leather … (More)

Porlex JP-30 Hand Grinder

(Pictured on right. Aeropress not included.) Let’s say you’ve organized your suitcase, but in your rush to get out the door you totally forgot to get your morning caffeine fix. As long as you remembered to pack your travel coffee … (More)

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes

Over the years, I’ve discovered that one of the best ways for me to have a better time while traveling is by keeping all my stuff neatly organized. The peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where everything is … (More)

iLuv RockWall

The RockWall is a dual-USB wall charger that can power an iPad and iPhone simultaneously. The iPad port is 10.5W and the iPhone port is 5W, so each device will charge fairly quickly. The main portion of the unit can … (More)

Think Tank TurnStyle 20 Convertible Sling Bag

The Think Tank TurnStyle 20 is a sleek and practical sling bag designed to hold a standard DSLR camera, along with several lenses and plenty of other accessories. There are tons of little pockets throughout the bag for pens and … (More)

ASUS Miniature Multi-Mode Portable Wi-Fi Router

The ASUS WL-330NUL is a nifty little device that offers travelers a little more flexibility with their network setup. It’s a miniature, super-light 802.11n router that can easily fit in your pocket or bag (it’s about the size of my … (More)

LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go is essentially a sports water bottle, but with a crazy-good filter built in. You can use it to scoop up water from just about anywhere in the world and then safely drink it through the mouthpiece. By the … (More)

HF Triple — Leather Dopp Kit

Made by HoldFast (the company behind the awesome Ruck Strap), the HF Triple is a beautiful leather dopp kit for carrying your smallest travel/adventuring essentials. It’s handcrafted from Kodiak oil-tanned cowhide by one of HF’s own designers, Matt Swaggart, and … (More)

Magic Passport for iPhone

My wife and I are big fans of Disney’s theme parks. We actually intend to visit Disneyland and California Adventure later this year, which will be a perfect time to try out this brand-new Magic Passport app for iPhone, designed … (More)

GORUCK Bullet Rucks

The folks at GORUCK are well-known for producing military-grade bags, the sort you’d typically want to carry a lot of stuff in. But they’ve also got a line of smaller, more streamlined bags they’ve dubbed Bullet Rucks, for those single-day … (More)

RFID Evan Wallet

The presence of RFID chips in our credit cards and international passports has greatly increased in the last several years, and you can bet there are thieves who want the data on those chips. A company called Ainste has come … (More)

JUMP — Device Charger and Cable

The guys at Native Union have put on a Kickstarter project called JUMP, a charge cable with its own built-in battery pack. It can detect when your device is at full power, and will then begin charging storing some power … (More)

Mophie Space Pack

We’re definitely fans of Mophie’s line of Juice Packs around here, because they keep our iPhones from dying when we need them most. And now, Mophie has just announced the Space Pack, which will offer the same power backup with … (More)

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