Permanent – Spreadsheets for iPad

If you spend a lot of time messing around with spreadsheets, you might want to check out Permanent for iPad. It’s an easy-on-the-eyes spreadsheet app that’s been optimized for touch and supports the XLSX and CSV formats for easy importing/exporting. … (More)

Pixelmator 2.2 and Vectormator

About a week ago, the guys at Pixelmator released version 2.2 of their popular image editing app, code-named “Blueberry”. It was packed with new features, such as smarter shape-selection tools, a palette with drag-and-drop shapes, a new light-leak effect, and … (More)

Briefs for Mac and iOS

Remember back in 2009 when designer Rob Rhyne unveiled an ambitious UI prototyping toolkit for iPhone called Briefs? After several years of waiting, and a couple of rejections by Apple, Briefs has (*finally*) made its introduction to the public. Briefs … (More)

Inkwell Sketch Kit

The Inkwell is a sketching kit made just for app- and web designers. It’s got the essential tools one needs to put together an awesome UI wireframe: Hand-crafted bag Copic C-1 marker Copic C-3 marker Micron 05 pen Sharpie fine … (More)

Automatic – Smart Driving Assistant

The onboard computer of just about every car made since 1996 contains tons of useful data about the car and its driver’s habits. Usually you have to take the car to a mechanic and let them hook up a gizmo … (More)


There are a surprising number of awesome credit card-shaped iPhone accessories. One of my longtime favorites has been the GoGoStand, but the ChargeCard looks to be another top contender. As you can see in the image above, it has a … (More)

Cord Tacos

Silly name, handy items to have around. You won’t find these nifty little cable holders in our cable management guide, but if all you’re trying to manage is the occasional iDevice cable or set of earbuds that you toss into … (More)

The Bulldog Hardware Peg-A-System Kit

With spring right around the corner, I’ve been reviewing my to-do list for my house and yard. One of the big items on the list is to organize our workshop, which has gotten junky in the 15 months since we … (More)


It looks like 2013 might be the year of Thunderbolt expansion docks. We’ve got the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock, which is an awesome addition to desktop Macs. And now, a Kickstarter project known as the MacDock wants to be the … (More)

Mailbox for iPhone

Mailbox, the long-anticipated email/to-do app that promises to help you better organize your inbox, has finally been released to the public. Demand for the app has been so high that the developers have instituted a waiting list in the app. … (More)

Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer

Theoretically, we’d all keep our pens, cables, and other knick-knacks in a single, easily-accessible place. But in reality? Stuff can quickly get lost or misplaced (or in my case, stolen by a rogue toddler). That’s where the GRID-IT organizer comes … (More)

Tool Logic Survival Card

Many multipurpose pocket knives are a bit on the bulky side. My pockets are full of enough stuff as it is, so the thin Tool Logic Survival Card appeals to me. Despite its thin profile, it sports a fair-sized stainless … (More)

Pixel Ruler

Many of our favorite apps and websites started out as simple concept sketches on paper. And let’s be honest — the best designers tend to be perfectionists. The Pixel Ruler ensures that those early sketches are perfectly aligned and scaled … (More)

Gerstner Wooden Toolbox

My current toolbox is big, heavy and ugly. Made from pressed steel, it’s tough as heck, but it lacks class. This Gerstner wooden chest does not. Built with plain-sawn red oak with polished chrome hardware, this box is strong and … (More)

Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman Wave with Black Oxide Finish is a stainless steel multitool that comes the following tools: Wood/Metal File, Diamond-Coated File Large Bit Driver, Small Bit Driver, Large Screwdriver Needlenose Pliers, Scissors, Regular Pliers, Ruler (8 inch/19 cm) Wire Cutters, … (More)

We’re Giving Away a Glif and a Pack of Field Notes

To one lucky reader, we’re giving away a Glif tripod mount and stand for your iPhone 5 and a brand-new 3-pack of Traveling Salesman Edition Field Notes. How to enter: Follow the Tools & Toys Twitter account Send us a … (More)

Ti2 Sentinel Titanium Cache

The Ti2 Sentinel is titanium-built cache for storing items discreetly and safely. The Sentinel is available in 3 diameters and 8 variations, and can be attached to a key ring or carabiner via the built-in slot at the end. Both … (More)

Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

Want to carry a knife, but be less than obvious about it? The Boker Plus might be the knife for you. With its a removable pocket clip, this knife can be carried just about anywhere, including in a wallet. It’s … (More)

Zai HIGO Folding Ski Tools

While we usually don’t link to things that aren’t actually for sale, we couldn’t pass these folding ski tools up. The prototype tools are inspired by the traditional higonokami Japanese folding knife. They are built out of aluminum and steel … (More)

The Keylet

The Keylet is a Kickstarter project that aims to revamp the wallet and the ring of keys we all carry around all day. The Keylet is a stainless steel card-sized money clip with two built-in keys that swivel out from … (More)

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