Transmit 5 for Mac

The best Mac file transfer app around is faster than ever and supports ten new cloud services. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Pastebot Public Beta for Mac

A versatile clipboard manager for Mac that stores everything you’ve recently copied so you can quickly retrieve it later, and lets you apply various custom filters to transform text as you paste it.


As my freelance business has grown over the years, I’ve had to come up with a more automated way to invoice, submit receipts for reimbursements, and track project expenses. Freshbooks has been a great solution for me for the past few years.

Perspective Icons 2

Our friend Federico Viticci and his girlfriend Sylvia Gatta have released Perspective Icons 2, a lovely set of 100 icons for use with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. These icons are available in various colors and resolutions (including Retina), and allow you to add a touch of personality to your OmniFocus custom perspectives. Once installed on your Mac, they will sync to the…

Phone Clean for Mac — Free Up Space on iOS

I recently looked at my iPhone’s usage statistics and noticed Spotify was using 1.1 GB. For an app that is supposed to be about streaming music—I don’t download anything locally—that seemed like a lot. I’ve run into this situation before. Over time, Dropbox and Google Drive can grow to 800-900 MB without much effort. I used to deal with this by deleting…

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