Perspective Icons 2

Our friend Federico Viticci and his girlfriend Sylvia Gatta have released Perspective Icons 2, a lovely set of 100 icons for use with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. These icons are available in various colors and resolutions (including Retina), and allow … (More)

Phone Clean for Mac — Free Up Space on iOS

I recently looked at my iPhone’s usage statistics and noticed Spotify was using 1.1 GB. For an app that is supposed to be about streaming music—I don’t download anything locally—that seemed like a lot. I’ve run into this situation before. … (More)

Stache for Mac and iOS

My day-to-day bookmarking needs are already covered by Pinboard (and happily so), but I must say Stache is an interesting alternative. It’s a brand-new bookmarking app for the Mac that makes it easy to archive entire webpages and find them … (More)


Notifyr is a new app that pushes notifications from your iPhone to your Mac. If you’re working from your Mac with your iPhone in a pocket or nearby bag, you no longer have to worry about missing out on anything. … (More)

Transistor for PS4 and PC

From the makers of the ever-popular Bastion comes the new game Transistor, a sci-fi themed action-RPG with lush graphics and an awesome soundtrack. You can watch the reveal trailer and the launch trailer to see the game in action, both … (More)

Sketch 3 for Mac

If there’s one tool digital designers love to hate, it’s Photoshop. It’s ideal for editing photos and creating complex graphics, but not so much for designing user interfaces. Sketch is a Mac app specifically designed for building UIs, icons, CSS-friendly … (More)

1Password — Easy Password Management

It’s been over a year since we last mentioned 1Password on T&T. Given the recent discovery of the Heartbleed SSL bug that has people all over the internet changing their passwords, now seems a good time to remind everyone why … (More)

Deckset for Mac

Deckset is a Mac app for making slide presentations with Markdown. Compose your thoughts in your favorite text editor, send them to Deckset, and it uses one of several themes to give your words a little flair. Deckset recognizes Markdown … (More)

Instashare — Better AirDrop for iOS and Mac

Instashare is yet another file-sharing app for iOS and Mac. You can send photos, PDFs, and more, all over a local Bluetooth connection (no WiFi or login necessary). The nice part is that the sharing goes both ways; it’s not … (More)

Scribe — Copy/Paste from Mac to iOS

I recently linked to an app called Command-C that allowed you to copy and paste between Mac and iOS devices. It’s an awesome thing to have, with one caveat: it won’t work on any WiFi networks where multicast has been … (More)

Command-C — Clipboard Sharing App for OS X and iOS

Thanks to a review by Federico Viticci, I got to hear about an awesome app for Mac and iOS called Command-C. It allows you to push the contents of your clipboard between devices over a local network. Thanks to the … (More)

Eastgate’s WinterFest 2013

Eastgate, the folks behind note-organization app Tinderbox, have put on a winter holiday sale featuring several awesome writing apps for the Mac. The sale includes Tinderbox itself, Scrivener, Scapple, DEVONthink Pro, and Nisus Writer Pro. In each case, you can … (More)

Writer Pro for Mac and iOS

Sometimes a new writing app comes out that has everybody talking about it for a while. Right now, Writer Pro, the successor to the ever-popular iA Writer, is the new hotness. This app is designed around the four basic stages … (More)


MarkDrop is a new text editor for Mac OS X (10.8 and above) that combines Markdown with Droplr for easy sharing and storage. The left pane, with its monospaced text and format-highlighting, is where you’ll do your writing. The right … (More)

AppViz 3

AppViz is a popular sales-tracking tool for iOS developers that I believe dates back to 2009. Yesterday, The Iconfactory announced AppViz 3, the latest and greatest iteration of the service yet. The Mac app has been completely redesigned, with easy-to-understand … (More)

Marked 2 for Mac

Brett Terpstra’s awesome Markdown-preview app for Mac, Marked, has been updated to version 2. For those who don’t already know, Marked acts like a sort of extension for any Mac text editor, allowing you to preview your Markdown-formatted plain text … (More)

VSCO Film 01

The wonderful folks at VSCO, makers of VSCO Cam for iOS, have released an update to their VSCO Film 01 preset suite for Lightroom 4 & 5 and Adobe Camera Raw 7 & 8. This update adds support for pro-level … (More)


Some people like to work in an office, while others – like myself – are at our creative best in a comfortable environment like a coffee shop. For those of us in the latter camp, Coffitivity is an excellent app … (More)

Downcast for Mac

Downcast has long been one of the most popular “podcatcher” apps for iOS (I’m more of an Instacast guy myself, but the fact remains). If you’ve been wishing for a Mac version of Downcast, you’re in luck because it just … (More)

Ember for Mac

Ember is a brand-new Mac App that wants to be your digital scrapbook. It’s a beautiful app made by the same guys who made the Clear to-do list app for Mac and iOS. Even the icon is gorgeous. Browse the … (More)

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