Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. Backpack

Our fearless editor Shawn Blanc is known to be an avid snowboarder, and with winter almost upon us, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about Oakley’s new Snowmad R.A.S (removable airbag system) Backpack ($225). Designed for cross-country treks, this bag can hold your snowboard vertically, or your skis in one of two positions: diagonal or A-frame. It also has multiple…

Zai HIGO Folding Ski Tools

While we usually don’t link to things that aren’t actually for sale, we couldn’t pass these folding ski tools up. The prototype tools are inspired by the traditional higonokami Japanese folding knife. They are built out of aluminum and steel and feature magnetic locking hardware that make it easy to open and close the tool with one hand. While there’s no word…

Agloves Sport (iPhone Gloves)

Agloves allow you to use your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android phone, and the like without exposing your hands to the bitter cold. They are a much better option than those gloves with no finger tips or the ones with the hooded finger tips. What’s great about these is that the whole glove is made out of the touch-sensitive material and so…

Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket

The Patagonia Wanaka down jacket is waterproof, windproof, filled with goose down, has fleece-lined pockets, an insulated removable hood, a dual-layer shell, adjustable cuffs, is stylish, and is a whopping 37 ounces light. Who’s ready for winter?

Burton Star Wars Snowboards

In a galaxy far, far away… Burton made some amazing decks. May the force be with you as you ride the back country, catch big air, and make fun of your friends on their skis as they pretend their ski poles are Light Sabers.

Burton Mix Master Mitts

Few things in life are better than a day on the slopes. And music makes everything better. But loose wires and half-open jacket pockets are not things you want on the back country. Moreover, have you ever tried to adjust the volume or skip to the next track using that little white remote on the iPhone earbud cable while wearing your warm…

Burton’s Plaid Accessory Cases

A snowboarder is a snowboarder regardless if they’re on the slopes or off. Burton’s new line of plaid accessory cases are the perfect companion for storing school supplies, travel accessories, or spare snowboard parts. For only $10 it’s never summer.