Scout Field Bed

This Field Bed by Scout has got to be the fanciest sleeping bag I’ve ever come across (although that might not be saying much since I just buy mine from Wal-Mart). It’s got a 100% organic Italian cotton selvage denim … (More)

Curly Dog Roasting Sticks

Lost more hot dogs and marshmallows to fires than you care to think about? Well, thanks to these curly roasting sticks, those kinds of tragedies can be a distant memory. Made of high-quality, hand-twisted steel, these handy tools will keep … (More)

Tool Logic Survival Card

Many multipurpose pocket knives are a bit on the bulky side. My pockets are full of enough stuff as it is, so the thin Tool Logic Survival Card appeals to me. Despite its thin profile, it sports a fair-sized stainless … (More)

The Original Batmobile

Adam West’s original Batmobile is going up for auction next month in Arizona. George Barris built this car out of a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car he had bought from Ford for $1. The Batmobile was built in just 15 … (More)

2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

In the world of Wranglers, there’s a new boss in town. Riding on massive BF Goodrich 265/70R17 tires and electronic-locking front and rear Dana 44 axles with 4.10 ratios and locking differentials, the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition … (More)

Landmann Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

I like the firepit my wife and I have at our house, but it is kind of boring. The $300 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace from Landmann isn’t. It’s a 30.25 by 32.75 by 34.75 inches sphere that allows roaring … (More)

Sparse Bicycle Lights

One down side to riding my bike to work this time of year is the fact that it gets dark here in the Central time zone super early. I, like all responsible riders who value their own lives, have lights … (More)

Wrist ID Elite

With a silicone band and watch-style metal buckle, this ID is a great-looking way to stay safe running, biking or rock climbing. In fact, I don’t do anything without mine on; thanks to its handsome looks, I can even wear … (More)

Looj 125 Remote Controlled Cordless Electric Gutter Cleaning Robot

I spent part of my weekend cleaning out my gutters, and man, would have this thing come in handy. The iRobot 12501 Looj 125 Remote Controlled Cordless Electric Gutter Cleaning Robot is a battery-powered, 5-pound robot designed to clean gutters … (More)

BioLite CampStove

The BioLite CampStove is a 8.25-inch high wood-burning mini-stove designed to for hikers and campers who want something small and on the-go, without the hassle of propane or other fuels. The stove uses the heat generated from the fire to … (More)

Camelbak Lobo 100 oz Hydration Pack

Speaking of biking, hydration is just as important as getting your bike to the trail safely. The Camelbak Lobo 100 oz Hydration Pack is a comfortable backpack hydration solution with padded shoulder harnesses, a removable waist belt and zippered pockets … (More)

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack

With fall around the corner, I’m looking forward to more bike riding in the cooler weather. To get the entire family in on the activity, the Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack is indispensable. Designed to work with either a 1.25-inch … (More)

Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

One of the best parts about summer is traditions. Trips to the beach, family reunions and extra hours of daylight all add up to some great memories. One such tradition for many families — mine included — is enjoying homemade ice cream. … (More)

Weber FireStarters Lighter Cubes

These bad boys are the greatest invention since the chimney starter. Actually, you’re supposed to use them in conjunction with your chimney starter. For the past several summers, when I go to light my charcoal grill I spend about 5 … (More)

KettlePizza Add-On For Your Weber Grill

If you want to turn your Weber grill into a backyard wood fire brick oven for making pizza, there’s only one way: The KettlePizza. It’s built with 20 gauge steel and comes in sizes to fit your 18.5- or 22.5-inch … (More)

Dark Sky Weather App

Dark Sky is a new weather radar app that was born on Kickstarter and is now available for your iPhone and iPad. It does just one thing: forecast the next 60 minutes of weather. It does this by taking all … (More)

Wood and Faulk’s Official Camp Stool

With the warm weather now upon us (at least in the hemisphere which this website is written), camping, too, is upon us. If you’re looking for an alternative to the $20 camping chair you get at Walmart, then this classically-inspired … (More)

Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool

The Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool is the ideal companion for today’s modern hunting, fishing, Netflix watching, hiking, Instagramming, fire-building man. This multi-tool for the digitally-connected nature lover features 12 components, including both a fine and a serrated blade, bottle opener, … (More)

Thor Double Blade Ice Scraper

“Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.” That’s what you’ll be singing every day of the year when you’ve got the Thor Double Blade ice scraper waiting impatiently in the back of your car. This beast of an … (More)

Cast Iron Tealight Tree Torch

These are not the sort of girly-girl tealight candle holders you buy at Pier 1 Imports. No sir. These Tealight Tree Torches are made with cast iron and heat-resistant glass. They incorporate a 6-inch spike so you can pound them … (More)

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