Velo Transit’s Edge 30 Waterproof Backpack

The Edge 30 Backpack by Velo Transit is an ideal bag for cyclists—or really, anyone who ever has to deal with rain while carrying their things around outdoors. The interior lining is RF-welded and thus prevents moisture from leaking in … (More)

Sanborn Firestarter Kit

One of the most important things you can have on a camping trip is a way to start a fire. The Sanborn Firestarter Kit ($16) fits the bill nicely, and includes the following: Eight cedar firestarters A match safe Some … (More)

Sea to Summit’s Spark Spl Sleeping Bag

The Spark Spl is a sleeping bag designed by Sea to Summit that can keep its occupant surprisingly cozy, given how light it is. It has a breathable, water-resistant 10D Pertex Quantum shell, a liner made from soft-yet-durable 15D nylon, … (More)

LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go is essentially a sports water bottle, but with a crazy-good filter built in. You can use it to scoop up water from just about anywhere in the world and then safely drink it through the mouthpiece. By the … (More)

GORUCK Bullet Rucks

The folks at GORUCK are well-known for producing military-grade bags, the sort you’d typically want to carry a lot of stuff in. But they’ve also got a line of smaller, more streamlined bags they’ve dubbed Bullet Rucks, for those single-day … (More)

Packtowl Nano Light Towel

Anybody who’s ever read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will tell you: a towel is one of the most important and useful things a traveler can carry. And if you’re going to have one with you at all times, the … (More)

Oyo Mountain Foot Bag

When I was in marching band back in high school, one of the ways my friends and I chose to pass the time during competitions (when we had nothing better to do than stand by the school bus and wait … (More)

Snow Peak Coffee Dripper

Coffee and camping are two things that go together very well, but I feel like a lot of brewing equipment is too delicate for the outdoors. As much as I like my Hario V60, I’m not sure the ceramic would … (More)

JOBY Action Series

JOBY, makers of the popular GorillaPod tripod, have teamed up with GoPro to develop some cool new tripods and mounts, which they’ve dubbed the Action Series. There are four items in this series: GorillaPod Action Tripod: Essentially the same as … (More)

Capture Camera Clip System v2

In early 2012 ,the original Capture Camera Clip System became an interesting and very popular alternative to wearing a camera strap. The company behind the project, Peak Design, has taken their success and ingenuity and poured them into creating a … (More)

Topo Designs and Woolrich Bag Collection

I’ve often heard good things about the bags sold by Topo Designs, but to be honest, I never could get into their design aesthetic. Thankfully, they recently partnered up with the people at Woolrich (one of the oldest flannel companies … (More)

S’mores Roasting Rack

Personally, I like to toast marshmallows one-at-a-time, catching each one on fire and letting the exterior burn to a crisp. But most people I know seem to prefer only a slight toasting, and if you’re going to be making a … (More)

Felt Firewood Holder

Sure, there’s something to be said about living alone out in the wilderness*, where no one will ever see you lugging firewood around — but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do it in style. The Felt Firewood Holder allows … (More)

Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. Backpack

Our fearless editor Shawn Blanc is known to be an avid snowboarder, and with winter almost upon us, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about Oakley’s new Snowmad R.A.S (removable airbag system) Backpack ($225). Designed for cross-country treks, … (More)

GORUCK Leather Reverse Flag Patch

GORUCK is an American company that makes super-durable rucksacks (amongst other things), and they take their patriotism very seriously. All of their gear is made right here in the U.S., it’s designed to meet the standards of Special Forces soldiers, … (More)

Blackstone Urban Quiver

If you’re the type of photographer who’s always dreamed of carrying your gear like Hawkeye, then the Urban Quiver by Blackstone Bags should be right up your alley. Made of military-grade nylon and sporting a surprising amount of storage space … (More)

Exotac Matchcap

If you do a lot of camping or hiking, you should check out the Exotac Matchcap waterproof match case. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and can hold quite a few strike-anywhere matches. It also has several types of built-in striker … (More)


There’s a Kickstarter campaign happening right now for a product called MaCool, which is basically an insulated cooler designed to look like the original Macintosh. This thing may end up getting sued into oblivion by Apple, but I couldn’t resist … (More)

Yield Picnic Bag

Summertime is in full swing, and the weather here in Oklahoma City has been quite pleasant this year, unlike previous years where it’s constantly 100°F or higher. It’s perfect picnic weather, and I’m considering picking up a couple of these … (More)

Scout Field Bed

This Field Bed by Scout has got to be the fanciest sleeping bag I’ve ever come across (although that might not be saying much since I just buy mine from Wal-Mart). It’s got a 100% organic Italian cotton selvage denim … (More)

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