iSkelter Classic Station

The Classic Station by iSkelter ($40) is a handsome, handcrafted bamboo dock/caddy that will seat just about any smartphone, along with some of your smaller personal items. There is no dock connector, nor any wires to fuss with, just a … (More)


The desks of most people I know are huge, clunky monstrosities, much larger than any of them actually requires. We’re talking about desks that take up 1/4 of a room here. I’ve helped some of my friends move those kinds … (More)

Audyssey Bluetooth Computer Speakers

It was two summers ago that we remodeled the basement to make space for my new office. My old office was upstairs, where you’ll now find my son’s room. My downstairs office is a bit smaller than my previous one, … (More)

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

If you’re still looking for a scanner to go paperless with, be sure to add the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Mobile Document Scanner to your list. The $260 desktop scanner boasts fairly impressive speeds — the company promises … (More)


There are, give or take, about a billion and one ways to hang or store large headphones at your desk. One of the more stylish ways you could do it is with the HeadStand made by Just Mobile. Like so … (More)


As Stephen wrote about earlier, the new hotness right now is Panic’s iPad app, Status Board. It’s the kind of thing that’s perfect for outputting to an external display, but what if you just want to use it in your … (More)

BookArc for iPad

We’ve been a fan of the BookArc MacBook stand for a while, and now Twelve South is offering a version of it for the iPad and iPad mini. This thing is awesome for several reasons: You can dock the iPad … (More)

Horizontal MacBook Dock

Remember what I said about 2013 and docks? Well now we’ve got another contender called the Horizontal Dock—made by Henge Docks—which is designed for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. This dock allows you to connect up to three external … (More)


It looks like 2013 might be the year of Thunderbolt expansion docks. We’ve got the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock, which is an awesome addition to desktop Macs. And now, a Kickstarter project known as the MacDock wants to be the … (More)

The Tools & Toys Guide to Cable Management

While the cables under your desk might not be as plentiful as the ones above, there’s no reason your home or office can’t be as neat and tidy as a professionally-built network room. The principals of cable management are pretty … (More)

Rain Design mTower

Taking advantage of OS X’s Clamshell Mode means you can use your notebook — closed — with an external display, keyboard and mouse easily. It’s a great way to get more pixels in front of you, but can leave your desk cluttered. … (More)

MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer

An unfortunate side effect of being a gadget nerd is that you start accumulating lots of cable clutter around your work area. They get dropped all over the floor, left around your desk, or mysteriously disappear into the ether. There … (More)

Neu Year 2013 Calendar Giveaway

The Neu Year 2013 Calendar started as a Kickstarter project, and after being funded, is now for sale for $30. The calendar is two-in-one: it can fit on almost any desk horizontally, but can be used vertically to hang on … (More)

The New iMac

Apple’s brand-new iMac is bad to the bone. They’ve laminated the screen to the glass, and compacted everything else to make it as thin around the edges as possible. It’s faster, brighter, and has a Fusion Drive — which actually … (More)

HiRise Stand for iMac and Cinema Display

Currently, I have two books under the foot of my 27-inch LED Cinema Display. Per their usual style, TwelveSouth has a better option. The HiRise is a stand for your iMac (or Cinema Display) that’s made from aluminum and stamped … (More)

Field Notes Colors: The “Day Game” Edition

I’ve always got a Field Notes notebook in my pocket. In it, I jot down anything I need to remember — phone numbers, thoughts, article ideas, meeting notes … really, just about anything. In an increasingly digital world, sometimes a … (More)

Leopold: Tenkeyless Tactile Click Keyboard

After last week’s post to the QuickFire keyboard, I received several emails pointing out the Leopold from EliteKeyboards. The Leopold is the same layout design as the QuickFire but without all the extra frilly branding. Also, EliteKeyboards’ tenkeyless boards are … (More)

Albert Einstein Flash Drive

A USB 2.0 flash drive in the shape of Einstein. Lift the cap and you get the “Albert” side. Or, if you’d prefer to transfer your files via a different white-bearded wise man, there’s also an Obi-Wan Kenobi flash drive.

The xPrintServer: An AirPrint Enabler

We all know the pit you get in the bottom of your stomach when the excitement of using your new iPad is extinguished by the sad reality that you can’t actually print from it. You could replace all the printers … (More)

Paper Airplane Push Pins

These would only be cooler if you could reliably throw them into your cork board.

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