Star Wars Saga in Digital Formats

I’ll never understand why it took this long to release Star Wars digitally, but it looks like the wait is finally over. Tomorrow, it will be released on all the major digital video stores. Along with the movies, there are a host of special features. There are some never-before-seen special extras that each movie is including. They range from conversations from key contributors to special in-depth looks at various parts of the movie. The downside to this release: all are special edition versions.

Chef (2014 film)

A film about a professional chef who quits his trendy restaurant job to start a food truck with his friends, bonding with his son and rediscovering a passion for life along the way.

Bond 50

My first experience with James Bond was playing GoldenEye 007 with 4 screen multiplayer back in the 7th grade. I had watched a few movies here and there, but didn’t really get into 007 until a few years back. iTunes has the Bond 50 collection on sale for $99 (in HD). This collection contains 23 Bond movies from 1963 to 2012.

ICON Prints by DKNG Studios

The idea behind the ICON project, as told by designers Nathan Goldman and Dan Kuhlken: “Every film has one. A signature prop, set, or location. Something that, in a single image, can represent the entire movie. With this in mind, they created 50 geometric prints of iconic places and things from various films and TV shows. Examples include Office Space, Groundhog Day,…

R2-D2 Thick Lines T-Shirt

Tools & Toys reader Chase McCoy has designed a slick R2-D2 t-shirt you Star Wars fans out there will enjoy. Chase is a good guy and we’d like to see him reach his Teespring goal. There are three versions to choose from: Asphalt gray American Apparel crew ($20) Dark gray heather V-neck ($28) Navy women’s fit tee ($20)

App: The Human Story

App: the Human Story is a Kickstarter-funded documentary being filmed by Jake Schumacher and Jedidiah Hurt that explores the world of iOS, the App Store, and the developers who make it all happen. It intends to tell the stories behind the code, providing a more…well, human look at the awesome people who make the software we use every day. Be sure to…

iTunes HD Movie Bundles at a Great Price

There are some crazy good deals for HD movie bundles happening on the iTunes Store right now. The following collections are available for just $15 each: The Dark Knight Trilogy The Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Matrix Trilogy Ocean’s Trilogy Men in Black Trilogy Lethal Weapon Movie Collection Each bundle includes individual movies in high-definition 1080p resolution. The Dark Knight, Ocean’s…

Plex — Media Streaming for iOS

Plex is one of the better solutions out there for organizing and streaming your movies and music between devices. Sign up for a Plex account, put the Plex Media Server app on your Mac, and then you can use the iOS app to stream your stuff from anywhere in the world. The iOS app also allows you to control the media being…

iTunes Movie Bundles

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, but don’t own the films in HD, be sure to hit that “Check it Out” link below, because the entire collection of movies is just $9.99 right now. Update: Aaaaand some of the deals are ending. There are lots of other movie bundles on sale right now, too. Here’s what else Apple’s cooked up: The Lord…

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