Goal Zero Nomad 20 Portable Solar Panel

The Nomad 20 by Goal Zero is a portable, foldable solar panel with a max power capacity of 20 watts (hence its name) and multiple connector ports. It fits nicely into a backpack and is generally awesome for camping and … (More)

Cargo Works MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve

Cargo Works’ MacBookAir + iPad sleeve is a military-style polyester canvas sleeve that holds—you guessed it—a MacBook Air and an iPad of any size. The laptop compartment is lined with protective padded neoprene, while the iPad rests in an easily … (More)

Twelve South Rutledge BookBook

Remember the BookBook Journal for iPad, the leather case that looks like a beautiful vintage book and not an iPad case? Well now Twelve South makes them for MacBooks too. Just like the iPad model, the Rutledge BookBook is crafted … (More)

Evernote Diver Sleeve

There are innumerable laptop sleeves in the world, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one quite like the Evernote Diver Sleeve. Rather than having a zipper or other enclosing mechanism, the neoprene Diver Sleeve simply stretches around the laptop … (More)

AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand

Traveling with a laptop is a necessity for a lot of people, but having one just sit in your lap while you type isn’t very ergonomic or comfortable. The AViiQ portable laptop stand is a pretty good solution for this. … (More)

Slate — Mobile AirDesk

The Slate Mobile AirDesk is a Kickstarter project for a small, portable “desk” that sits on your lap. Cut from a block of premium bamboo and large enough to fit 13″-17″ laptops, the Slate sports several rows of ventilation holes … (More)

Timbuk2’s Hudson Laptop Briefcase

Speaking of travel, the Hudson Laptop Briefcase by Timbuk2 looks like a very nice option for anyone toting an up-to-15″ laptop through airport security. It unzips flat so that the entire bag can be sent through a TSA scanner — … (More)

E. Holmes Laptop Case

If you travel a lot, there may be times when you won’t want to carry a full-on messenger bag or backpack full of gear — you just want something to carry some essentials for getting work done. For those times, … (More)

Griffin Papernomad Case

The new Papernomad cases by Griffin are interesting. Where most case manufacturers would recommend avoiding marks and spills, the Papernomad line is actually designed to be written on, sketched on, coffee-stained, and painted to your liking. It’s essentially a blank … (More)

11+ Felt Case

The 11+ Felt Case is an attractive, hand-made case designed to protect a MacBook Air or full-sized iPad, as well as a few smaller items you might keep in your bag like cables and business cards. When opened, the inner … (More)

13-inch MacBook Air (Mid-2013)

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the best Mac Apple has for sale. It’s cheap, light and powerful, and while the 13-inch screen isn’t Retina, it looks great, and leaves lots of room for a great keyboard and trackpad. With Intel’s … (More)

Uncover for MacBook Pro

Some people buy cool little vinyls to stick on their MacBooks, but maybe that’s not enough for you. If you’d really like to take it to the next level, and you’d be okay without your MacBook Pro for a few … (More)

The ZenDock

While I’m a notebook user, at my desk, I use my MacBook Air with an external display, keyboard and mouse, speakers and more. The cable management is a mess. The ZenDock is a range of products designed for notebook users … (More)

Zooka Bluetooth Speaker

Recently I posted about the Soundbender, which is a lo-fi way of redirecting an iPad’s audio output towards you rather than out into the air. For anyone looking for a more robust solution, I’d recommend the Zooka Bluetooth Speaker. It … (More)

DODOcase Durables Device Sleeves

We’ve mentioned the DODOcase Durables iPhone 5 Wallet previously, but I figured the rest of the Durables lineup was worth taking a look at too. They’ve got one for just about all the popular portables: iPad and iPad mini, MacBook … (More)

Horizontal MacBook Dock

Remember what I said about 2013 and docks? Well now we’ve got another contender called the Horizontal Dock—made by Henge Docks—which is designed for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. This dock allows you to connect up to three external … (More)


It looks like 2013 might be the year of Thunderbolt expansion docks. We’ve got the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock, which is an awesome addition to desktop Macs. And now, a Kickstarter project known as the MacDock wants to be the … (More)

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

I’ve often said my perfect laptop computer would be a well-equipped ThinkPad running OS X. While that won’t ever happen (and I’m quite happy with my MacBook Pro), I often look across the fence to see how green the grass … (More)

Rain Design mTower

Taking advantage of OS X’s Clamshell Mode means you can use your notebook — closed — with an external display, keyboard and mouse easily. It’s a great way to get more pixels in front of you, but can leave your desk cluttered. … (More)

Crucial 256 GB m4 2.5-Inch SSD

I recently moved to a 15-inch MacBook Pro as my only computer. While I loved my Air, I simply needed more power and screen space than the 13-machine could offer. However, the Air ruined spinning hard drives for me, so … (More)

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