Final Fantasy VI for iOS

Well this is certainly a blast from the past. Nearly a week ago, Square Enix quietly released Final Fantasy VI to the iOS App Store, and I only heard about it yesterday. This isn’t just a basic port of the … (More)

Plex — Media Streaming for iOS

Plex is one of the better solutions out there for organizing and streaming your movies and music between devices. Sign up for a Plex account, put the Plex Media Server app on your Mac, and then you can use the … (More)

Samurai Siege for iOS

Chances are, if you’re someone who enjoys playing strategy games on iOS, then you’re already familiar with Clash of Clans. Although I enjoyed the first few days of playing it, the only real way to have a good time is … (More)

“Threes!” for iOS

Occasionally, a well-designed puzzle game for iOS comes along that takes the tech community by storm. A while back it was Letterpress, and today it’s a game called Threes! Like Letterpress, Threes! takes place on a grid, it uses red, … (More)

1Writer for iOS

1Writer is one of those iOS writing apps that I always thought looked very nice, but it never provided a good enough reason to switch away from something like Editorial or Byword. You’d still have to pry Editorial out of … (More)

Chicago Avenue Moon

Chicago Avenue Moon is an unexpected new app from Junecloud—the studio behind Delivery Status Touch—that blows my mind a little. It’s designed to generate a personalized soundtrack for the listener as they move about, but that description doesn’t tell the … (More)

Unread — RSS Reader for iPhone

For a long time now, the only RSS reader I’ve used on my iPhone has been Reeder. I never imagined another app would come along that would be worth switching to, but that all changed last night with the release … (More)

Peek Calendar for iPhone

There’s certainly no shortage of great calendar apps for iPhone, but it can’t hurt to try something new like Peek Calendar. On the surface it looks pretty simple, but there are some neat things under the hood. Tap on any … (More)

WordBook — English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

On the latest episode of The Prompt, Federico Viticci mentioned an iOS app called WordBook that sounded interesting enough for me to check out. It’s a pretty powerful English dictionary and thesaurus, and I think it might just replace my … (More)

Wooden iPhone Inlay Cases by Wood’d

The guys at Wood’d have come up with an interesting line of iPhone cases that are made of real wood and feature some cool designs. Some look like maps, some look like a Tetris game, and all of them look … (More)

Instashare — Better AirDrop for iOS and Mac

Instashare is yet another file-sharing app for iOS and Mac. You can send photos, PDFs, and more, all over a local Bluetooth connection (no WiFi or login necessary). The nice part is that the sharing goes both ways; it’s not … (More)

Beats Music for iPhone

I’ve been a Spotify subscriber for a while (going on something like 2.5 years now), and although I’ve always loved the service, their iOS app has consistently felt a little lacking to me. I’ve tried Rdio as well, but never … (More)

Moment Lenses for iPhone

Moment is an upcoming lens-mounting system for iPhone and other smartphones. At first glance it kind of resembles the Olloclip, but the mounting system is different—it uses a thin, case-friendly metal plate that safely adheres directly to the back of … (More)

Scribe — Copy/Paste from Mac to iOS

I recently linked to an app called Command-C that allowed you to copy and paste between Mac and iOS devices. It’s an awesome thing to have, with one caveat: it won’t work on any WiFi networks where multicast has been … (More)

Magic Passport for iPhone

My wife and I are big fans of Disney’s theme parks. We actually intend to visit Disneyland and California Adventure later this year, which will be a perfect time to try out this brand-new Magic Passport app for iPhone, designed … (More)

Blur for iOS

Blur is a universal iOS app that does one thing well: it lets you custom-blur images to be used as wallpapers for your device. Tip: have a normal image set as your lock screen wallpaper, then use a blurred form … (More)

JAS mini — Aluminum Stand for iPad mini and iPhone

The JAS mini by Cooler Master is an aluminum stand designed to prop up an iPad mini or iPhone. It can hold the iPad in portrait or landscape mode, making it the perfect tool for doing work, watching a movie, … (More)

JUMP — Device Charger and Cable

The guys at Native Union have put on a Kickstarter project called JUMP, a charge cable with its own built-in battery pack. It can detect when your device is at full power, and will then begin charging storing some power … (More)

Simbol for iPhone

Every now and then, I need to insert some unicode characters into something I’m writing — for example,  , ★ , ♫, ™, etc. Typically, I either use CopyPasteCharacter (along with its companion iOS app) or a custom set … (More)

Command-C — Clipboard Sharing App for OS X and iOS

Thanks to a review by Federico Viticci, I got to hear about an awesome app for Mac and iOS called Command-C. It allows you to push the contents of your clipboard between devices over a local network. Thanks to the … (More)

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