Aukey Four-Port USB Car Charger

If you are on the road a lot and need to be able to charge several devices at once, look no further than the Aukey CC-01 four-port USB car charger.


HiRise Dock Stand for iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus)

Speaking of iPhone 6 accessories, if you’re on the look out for an awesome new stand-slash-dock for your new iPhone, check outthe HiRise. It’s adjustable, so it can handle your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, with or without a case.


iPhone 6 Jogging Armband Case

It’s still the early days for iPhone 6 accessories, but we’ve already found a jogging armband + case that we love: the SUPCASE Sport.


Manual — Custom Exposure Camera for iOS

Manual is a new iPhone app that takes advantage of iOS 8’s expanded camera API to give you full independent control of shutter, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, focus, and more.


Hard Graft Mighty Phone Fold Wallet for iPhone 6

Hard Graft’s leather-and-wool Mighty Phone Fold Wallet is a redesigned version of their Phone Fold Wallet, now able to fit the new iPhone 6 and more cards/cash.


TextExpander 3 + Custom Keyboard for iOS

TextExpander 3 is another in a long line of apps taking advantage of awesome new features in iOS 8.


1Password 5 for iOS

As much as we’ve loved the iOS version of 1Password, it has always been crippled by the sandboxing Apple put in place to keep apps from talking to one another. With the release of iOS 8 and its new system share sheet, that is no longer a concern.


Transmit for iOS

In 2008, our editor Shawn Blanc wrote this about Transmit, the awesome file-transfer app for Mac: What sets Transmit apart, is that it works great for everyone: the single-blog publisher, to the large-scale website developer. Transmit’s interface and usability is … (More)

‘The Manual, Everywhere’ on Kickstarter

If you keep up with the web design world at all, you probably already know about The Manual, a design journal started by XOXO Fest cofounder Andy McMillan and with contributions from world-class designers like Frank Chimero and Ethan Marcotte. … (More)

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Portable Solar Panel

The Nomad 20 by Goal Zero is a portable, foldable solar panel with a max power capacity of 20 watts (hence its name) and multiple connector ports. It fits nicely into a backpack and is generally awesome for camping and … (More)

Kanex ATV PRO Adapter for Apple TV

The Apple TV is a very useful tool for classrooms and conference rooms. By using AirPlay, you can easily display presentations, spreadsheets, or other information from a Mac or iOS device. Most modern projectors have HDMI inputs, but many older … (More)

Corporal Inlay Wooden Case for iPhone 5/5s

The iPhone 6 is coming next week, but this is a pretty cool wooden case for those of you sticking with an iPhone 5 or 5s for now. The cover is made from real wood that has been laser-cut, engraved, … (More)

Quotebook 3 for iOS

The guys at Lickability have released Quotebook 3 for iOS. Quotebook is the best way to capture your favorite quotes—whether they come from books, tweets, songs, movies, your kids, conference talks, or anywhere else. I’ve been a fan of the … (More)

Phone Clean for Mac — Free Up Space on iOS

I recently looked at my iPhone’s usage statistics and noticed Spotify was using 1.1 GB. For an app that is supposed to be about streaming music—I don’t download anything locally—that seemed like a lot. I’ve run into this situation before. … (More)

Scanbot for iOS

This is a guest post by our friend, Bradley Chambers. Scanning from my iPhone has really made a big impact on my ability to go paperless in my life. Scanbot is my current go-to app for this. It’s extremely fast … (More)

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader

As much as I love my iPhone and iPad, their limited storage space makes traveling feel like a juggling act. Do I transfer this movie or that movie? Should I delete several podcasts to make room? Which games can I … (More)

Distressed Leather Case for iPhone 5

This distressed leather case from Etsy shop JooJoobs gives your iPhone 5/5s a handsome, rustic look while providing some protection from damage. The stitching is all done by hand, and there’s a convenient credit card slot on the back. The … (More)


The SpeakerSlide is a Kickstarter project that reminds me of the SoundBender from a while back, but modernized for today’s iOS devices. It plugs into your Lightning port, placing a curved space directly over the device’s speaker so that its … (More)

Scosche Retractable Lightning Cable

The Scosche Strikeline is a retractable Lightning cable for iPad and iPhone. Extends to 3ft long, retracts to about the size of a watch face for travel purposes. Simple! The black version is $18, the white one $21.

Trent iCarrier Battery Pack

After yesterday’s post about the NomadPlus external battery, reader Josh Hogan wrote in with another suggestion: the Trent iCarrier. It doesn’t come with a wall adapter of its own, but it has other advantages: 12,000mAh power capacity, meaning it can … (More)

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