WordBook — English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iOS

On the latest episode of The Prompt, Federico Viticci mentioned an iOS app called WordBook that sounded interesting enough for me to check out. It’s a pretty powerful English dictionary and thesaurus, and I think it might just replace my … (More)

Instashare — Better AirDrop for iOS and Mac

Instashare is yet another file-sharing app for iOS and Mac. You can send photos, PDFs, and more, all over a local Bluetooth connection (no WiFi or login necessary). The nice part is that the sharing goes both ways; it’s not … (More)

Storehouse: Visual Storytelling for iPad

Storehouse is a neat new app for iPad that makes it super easy to create long-form stories that can be shared with the world. Using a combination of text, videos (30 seconds or less each), and photos (pulled from your … (More)

iPad Cases by Saddleback Leather

Ever since Saddleback CEO Dave Munson released this funny video (wherein he shows the best ways to cheaply knock off his products), I’ve been making my way through the Saddleback video catalog. They’ve got videos showcasing just about every product … (More)

Blur for iOS

Blur is a universal iOS app that does one thing well: it lets you custom-blur images to be used as wallpapers for your device. Tip: have a normal image set as your lock screen wallpaper, then use a blurred form … (More)

JAS mini — Aluminum Stand for iPad mini and iPhone

The JAS mini by Cooler Master is an aluminum stand designed to prop up an iPad mini or iPhone. It can hold the iPad in portrait or landscape mode, making it the perfect tool for doing work, watching a movie, … (More)

JUMP — Device Charger and Cable

The guys at Native Union have put on a Kickstarter project called JUMP, a charge cable with its own built-in battery pack. It can detect when your device is at full power, and will then begin charging storing some power … (More)

Command-C — Clipboard Sharing App for OS X and iOS

Thanks to a review by Federico Viticci, I got to hear about an awesome app for Mac and iOS called Command-C. It allows you to push the contents of your clipboard between devices over a local network. Thanks to the … (More)

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Game Controller

Announced at CES 2014, the SteelSeries Stratus is a wireless controller designed for playing iOS games. The Xbox-like controller design will be instantly familiar to any modern gamer, right down to the twin analog sticks and four shoulder buttons. Up … (More)

Blue Spark Digital Microphone

Every day, it seems like more and more people are looking to turn their iPads into mobile recording studios. Whether they’re playing music or podcasting, a good mic is absolutely essential — and the Blue Microphones Spark Digital doesn’t disappoint. … (More)

AmazonBasics USB-to-Lightning Cable

In my opinion, one can never have too many Lightning cables on-hand. The only problem is, Apple’s official cables are a tad on the expensive side for what you get ($20 for only ~3ft of cable). Thankfully, Amazon offers their … (More)

Machinarium for iOS

We’ve mentioned the game Machinarium in the past, but I think it’s worth bringing up again, for three reasons: The first time we posted about it, the game was only available for the iPad. Now it’s a universal app so … (More)

Writer Pro for Mac and iOS

Sometimes a new writing app comes out that has everybody talking about it for a while. Right now, Writer Pro, the successor to the ever-popular iA Writer, is the new hotness. This app is designed around the four basic stages … (More)

Gravitas Lightning Dock

The Gravitas is an upcoming dock for iPhone and iPad that promises to be extremely stable even for one-handed docking and undocking. At first glance, it looks like it would be made of lightweight aluminum, but it’s actually a much … (More)

ZAGGkeys Cover — Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Air

As someone who does nearly all of my writing from an iPad, I’ve been very happy with my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I like the feel of the keys and the way it protects my iPad when it’s closed, plus … (More)

Slate — Mobile AirDesk

The Slate Mobile AirDesk is a Kickstarter project for a small, portable “desk” that sits on your lap. Cut from a block of premium bamboo and large enough to fit 13″-17″ laptops, the Slate sports several rows of ventilation holes … (More)

Samson Meteor USB Microphone

Podcasting is something I’ve been considering getting into lately, but I primarily work on-the-go from my iPad and most of the setups I’ve read about are designed with a stationary Mac in mind. Now, thanks to a recent blog post … (More)

FiftyThree Pencil

FiftyThree has just made another leap into the world of physical goods with a gadget called Pencil. Pencil is essentially an iPad stylus, but one with special features designed for use with their popular sketching app, Paper. Simply touch the … (More)

COBURNS iPad Stand

The COBURNS iPad Stand is a new Kickstarter project that caught our eye this morning. It’s comprised of two wooden blocks, each with a pair of magnets and a slot — if one didn’t know what they were, they might … (More)

The Encounter Collection

Before I describe the Encounter Collection itself, I should mention that the main reason I wanted to talk about these items on T&T was this incredible video that was filmed to promote the collection. With its gorgeous cinematography and a … (More)

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