Dark Noise for iOS

A simple yet powerful ambient noise app for iPhone and iPad featuring a collection of high-quality sounds (38 in all) to help you sleep, focus, or relax.

‘Tempest: Pirate Action RPG’ for iOS

Speaking of action RPGs, there’s another one you should check out if you’re more into plundering than superpowers: It’s called Tempest, and it’s an open-world pirate game that invites you to take to the high seas, engage in ship-to-ship combat, sink and plunder your enemies, destroy forts, explore dozens of islands, trade goods, and generally have a pirate-y good time. Along the…

‘Bewildebots’ for iOS

Take to the stars and feed your brain with unique puzzles where you command up to 10 robots at once, guiding each to their own teleporter for deployment across the universe.

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