Grovemade iPhone Dock

A beautiful steel-and-wood dock that offers true one-handed use. (Be warned though; the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus editions have no set release date as of Feb 7th, 2015.)

UE Megaboom

The new Megaboom is completely waterproof, has Bluetooth connection range of 100 feet, and packs 20 hours of battery life.

Christmas Tree Pattern Gift Wrap

Before getting married, I had no clue that wrapping paper actually mattered. I would grab the wrapping paper closest to the door. Since getting married, I’ve realized that wrapping paper is much more than the thing that hides what the presents actually are. It’s a piece of decor. It’s meant to add style to your holiday decorations. This Christmas Tree Pattern gift wrapping paper would be a beautiful choice for just about any home.

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