Reminder: Our Guide to Backyard Cooking is Awesome

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Guide: Awesome Coffee Gear

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The Tools & Toys Guide to iPhone Travel Gear

The iPhone is a fantastic, portable computer that’s almost always connected to the Internet. As such, it makes for a fantastic travel companion. It’s a once a concierge, a storage cabinet, a camera and so much more. A few accessories … (More)

The Tools & Toys Guide to Backyard Cooking

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The Battle of the Buds

Apple’s newish, poorly-named EarPods are more comfortable than their old built-in white earbuds, but I still don’t enjoy wearing them for any amount lengthy amount of time. Mostly because I have tiny ear canals and the white ear pieces that … (More)

The Tools & Toys Guide to Fine-Tip Gel Ink Pens

Digital-shmigidal. Who doesn’t still appreciate quality analog products like a good pen? Here is a look at some of the best fine-tip gel ink pens you can buy. Pilot Hi-Tec-C The pen that launched a thousand Kickstarter Campaigns. The Pilot … (More)

The Tools & Toys Guide to Cable Management

While the cables under your desk might not be as plentiful as the ones above, there’s no reason your home or office can’t be as neat and tidy as a professionally-built network room. The principals of cable management are pretty … (More)

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