Synology DiskStation DS213j

The Synology Diskstation DS213j NAS—recently reviewed by our own editor Shawn Blanc—is an excellent way of storing all the stuff on your home network. With two drive bays that can handle up to 10 TB of HDD storage, a gigabit … (More)

The bttn

The bttn is an interesting little gizmo that reminds me of a Griffin PowerMate but without the volume-dial component. What looks like a simple colored button (hence the name) is actually a web-connected device capable of executing interesting commands, similar … (More)

iGrill 2

The iGrill 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer designed for pros and serious enthusiasts but simple enough for amateur grillers to use. Building on the design and features of the original iGrill, the iGrill 2 has upped its probe capacity … (More)

Limefuel Blast USB External Battery Pack

This one could come in handy for those of you lucky enough to be at WWDC this week. The Limefuel Blast is a handy external battery pack for charging a full-sized iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone while on the go. … (More)

Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger

This 5-port USB charger by Anker gets everything right. It lets you charge up to five gadgets at once—iPads, iPhones, Kindles, cameras, you name it—and intelligently adjusts the output of each port based on whatever’s connected (or disconnected, for that … (More)

Witmer Company Peanut Butter Mixer

I only buy peanut butter of the all-natural variety, meaning the only ingredients are roasted peanuts and salt. The stuff is delicious, but it separates in the jar and it can be a pain (sometimes even a mess) to stir … (More)

Orée Board 2

The Orée Board 2 is a wireless, super-light, wooden keyboard crafted from a single piece of walnut or maple. It can pair with up to five different devices at the same time via Bluetooth, and its surface is coated with … (More)

Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-On Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover remains one of my favorite iPad accessories. The one I own is practically a part of my iPad at this point, and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in using their iPad as a primary … (More)

Embue — Smart Energy Management

Embue is a new Kickstarter project that aims to replace your thermostat, but not just with a single unit like Nest. Embue has sensors that can be placed in every room, giving it a much better overview of your home … (More)

Bluelounge Jimi — USB Port Extension for iMac

If you love your iMac but hate having to reach around the back to use its USB ports, the Bluelounge Jimi is for you. The idea is simple: the Jimi plugs into the back of the iMac and curves underneath … (More)

Adonit Jot Script Stylus — Evernote Edition

As much as I love the Cosmonaut stylus, some note-taking situations call for a…finer touch. The Adonit Jot Script — Evernote Edition is about as close as you can get to writing on your iPad with a real pen (something … (More)

Amazon Dash

Another Amazon gadget? This is getting weird. Amazon Dash is a supplementary device for members of the AmazonFresh delivery service (currently only available in certain zip codes of San Francisco, Southern California, and Seattle). It’s a neat way to shop … (More)

Monster Outlets to Go 4-Outlet Power Strip

As any seasoned traveler knows, it isn’t always easy to find enough power outlets to charge your various devices. It’s also not very economical to carry an entire power strip around in your bag. This is where the Monster Outlets … (More)

ASUS Miniature Multi-Mode Portable Wi-Fi Router

The ASUS WL-330NUL is a nifty little device that offers travelers a little more flexibility with their network setup. It’s a miniature, super-light 802.11n router that can easily fit in your pocket or bag (it’s about the size of my … (More)

Karma WiFi Hotspot

The Karma WiFi Hotspot is a “social” 4G hotspot that allows you to openly share your connection with the people around you in order to earn free data (hence the “Karma” in the title). I can see how this would … (More)

Cinetics miniSkates

If you’re wanting to shoot a fancy-pants app video review or anything else that requires a few panning shots, there are all kinds of ways to rig up a functional dolly system. If you happen to own a GorillaPod SLR-Zoom … (More)

Mophie Juice Pack Dock

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone 5/5s-compatible Mophie Juice Pack (and you should be, because they’re awesome) then you should also look into getting a Juice Pack Dock. It bypasses the Lightning connector, using a special dock connector … (More)

FiftyThree Pencil

FiftyThree has just made another leap into the world of physical goods with a gadget called Pencil. Pencil is essentially an iPad stylus, but one with special features designed for use with their popular sketching app, Paper. Simply touch the … (More)


News about an upcoming product simply called Coin spread through the internet like wildfire yesterday, but one more mention won’t hurt. Coin aims to let you condense all those credit cards in your wallet into a single, digital device that … (More)

Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner

While going paperless is easier than ever, scanning more personal things like photos, albums and notebooks isn’t as easy as it should be. The folks at Doxie have set out to change that with their new Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner. … (More)

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