Amazon Dash

Another Amazon gadget? This is getting weird. Amazon Dash is a supplementary device for members of the AmazonFresh delivery service (currently only available in certain zip codes of San Francisco, Southern California, and Seattle). It’s a neat way to shop … (More)

Monster Outlets to Go 4-Outlet Power Strip

As any seasoned traveler knows, it isn’t always easy to find enough power outlets to charge your various devices. It’s also not very economical to carry an entire power strip around in your bag. This is where the Monster Outlets … (More)

ASUS Miniature Multi-Mode Portable Wi-Fi Router

The ASUS WL-330NUL is a nifty little device that offers travelers a little more flexibility with their network setup. It’s a miniature, super-light 802.11n router that can easily fit in your pocket or bag (it’s about the size of my … (More)

Karma WiFi Hotspot

The Karma WiFi Hotspot is a “social” 4G hotspot that allows you to openly share your connection with the people around you in order to earn free data (hence the “Karma” in the title). I can see how this would … (More)

Cinetics miniSkates

If you’re wanting to shoot a fancy-pants app video review or anything else that requires a few panning shots, there are all kinds of ways to rig up a functional dolly system. If you happen to own a GorillaPod SLR-Zoom … (More)

Mophie Juice Pack Dock

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone 5/5s-compatible Mophie Juice Pack (and you should be, because they’re awesome) then you should also look into getting a Juice Pack Dock. It bypasses the Lightning connector, using a special dock connector … (More)

FiftyThree Pencil

FiftyThree has just made another leap into the world of physical goods with a gadget called Pencil. Pencil is essentially an iPad stylus, but one with special features designed for use with their popular sketching app, Paper. Simply touch the … (More)


News about an upcoming product simply called Coin spread through the internet like wildfire yesterday, but one more mention won’t hurt. Coin aims to let you condense all those credit cards in your wallet into a single, digital device that … (More)

Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner

While going paperless is easier than ever, scanning more personal things like photos, albums and notebooks isn’t as easy as it should be. The folks at Doxie have set out to change that with their new Doxie Flip Mobile Scanner. … (More)

Moshi Revolt Duo

The battery life on my iPad 4 is fairly respectable, but not so amazing that it can last through even a one-day road trip when one of us is reading ebooks in the passenger seat. We also use my iPhone … (More)

Garmin Head-Up Display

The Garmin Head-Up Display is an interesting little gadget. It mounts on your car’s dashboard and pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, then projects a HUD interface onto a transparent piece of film you apply to your windshield. This display … (More)

The Fitbit Force

If the FuelBand isn’t your thing, the other powerhouse in personal fitness tracking — Fitbit — has also updated their wrist-based offering. The Fitbit Force is a revised version of the Flex, which took Fitbit’s step and sleep tracking to an all-new … (More)

The Nike FuelBand SE

Nike’s refreshed its FuelBand for the holidays. The new FuelBand SE has a similar LED grid display and still syncs Nike “Fuel” — not actual steps — to your iPhone over Bluetooth. This year, however, that Bluetooth connection has been updated … (More)

Dropcam Pro

For nearly two years, the Dropcam HD has been a very popular remote-viewable security camera for your home. Its new successor, the Dropcam Pro, ups the ante with an all-glass lens and a 130-degree field of view (compared with the … (More)


I just stumbled across an interesting product concept called Nymi. It’s essentially a wristband that authenticates you via your unique cardiac rhythm every time you put it on, and you can use it throughout the day to unlock your car, … (More)

Around Clock by Lexon

The Around Clock ($50) is a clever little timepiece that turns itself throughout the day, using a stationary red line rather than clock hands to tell you the time. It runs on a single AA battery and is operated by … (More)

GoPro HERO3: White Edition

While the iPhone 5 shoots great video, it’s a tad … fragile. I wouldn’t ever use my phone to film anything all that exciting. The GoPro HERO3 was born for extreme situations, however. It comes with a waterproof case. It’s … (More)

The New Kindle Paperwhite

I’m a big fan of my Kindle. I upgraded to the Paperwhite last year, and while I still miss the physical page-turn buttons, the backlit screen is really handy. I can easily read in bed without bothering my wife. Today, … (More)

GhostStand for MacBook

While brushed aluminum is all the rage right now, it wasn’t all that long ago that most Apple products were built with transparent plastics. I, for one, miss this look, and now the guys at Twelve South are bringing it … (More)

Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker

There are a lot of fitness bands and trackers on the market, and the Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker takes some of the best features on the market and bundles them in a nice, neat package. Designed to clip on … (More)

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