Fenix E15 Flashlight

I thought the LED Lenser T7 was an impressive flashlight (5.4″ long, 175 lumens, under 7oz.), but this little Fenix flashlight really knocks it out of the park.


Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector with Rotating Plug

We’ve all probably got four or five things near our TV that require power. The problem with most surge protectors is that they have a bulky plug that sticks out from the wall. This forces you to pull your TV cabinet out from the wall a few inches. This surge protector has a flat plug so you can plug everything up, but also push your furniture flush against the wall.


Kindle Voyage

Amazon has announced their new, top-of-the-line Kindle Voyage. Not only is lighter and thinner than the Kindle Paperwhite, it also has a higher-resolution 300 PPI e-ink display, dedicated hardware buttons for turning pages, and smarter and brighter screen illumination.


LinkSprinter Network Tester

If you have to do any network cable installation/troubleshooting, the Fluke Networks LinkSprinter is a great device to have in your toolkit. One of the great things about this device is that it actually tests internet connectivity instead of just testing … (More)

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Portable Solar Panel

The Nomad 20 by Goal Zero is a portable, foldable solar panel with a max power capacity of 20 watts (hence its name) and multiple connector ports. It fits nicely into a backpack and is generally awesome for camping and … (More)

Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna

“Cutting the cord” is a big buzz word in the entertainment industry right now. People are cutting off their satellite and cable subscription in favor of using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in order to save money. By adding … (More)

Apple Watch

Even though nobody knew it was coming, we all “knew” it was coming. And today, it was announced: the Apple Watch. It comes in six different colors, including stainless steel, brushed aluminum, space gray, and rose gold. Each available in … (More)

Kanex ATV PRO Adapter for Apple TV

The Apple TV is a very useful tool for classrooms and conference rooms. By using AirPlay, you can easily display presentations, spreadsheets, or other information from a Mac or iOS device. Most modern projectors have HDMI inputs, but many older … (More)

La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock

We’ve got a clock in every classroom at the school I work at. Adjusting each clock for daylight savings time would take us quite a while. To save us from the hassle, we’ve got a La Crosse Technology WT-3143-H 14-Inch Atomic … (More)

Brinno Construction Time Lapse Camera

The school I work at built a new playground over the summer. We wanted a simple way to record the process in order to build a time-lapse video after it was built. The Brinno BCC100 Construction Time Lapse Camera was the absolute perfect … (More)

SF Cable Ultraflat CAT6 Ethernet Cable

For all the greatness of Wi-Fi, wired ethernet is typically faster and more stable. In my new  house, I had CAT6 ran to every TV location to hardwire all of my Rokus. In one of the rooms, we decided that … (More)

Miccus Mini-Jack RX: Bluetooth Music Receiver For AUX Port

One of the major annoyances with my new car it is that it supports Bluetooth, but not Bluetooth audio. Thankfully, the car at least has an AUX port. I could use a 3.5mm cord, but I wanted to ditch cords … (More)

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader

As much as I love my iPhone and iPad, their limited storage space makes traveling feel like a juggling act. Do I transfer this movie or that movie? Should I delete several podcasts to make room? Which games can I … (More)


Navdy (coming early 2015) is an intriguing little heads-up display that mounts on your car dash. As their Sandwich-produced video explains, Navdy is capable of many things: Real-time turn-by-turn navigation instructions. Displaying things like your current speed, RPM, or fuel … (More)

Trent iCarrier Battery Pack

After yesterday’s post about the NomadPlus external battery, reader Josh Hogan wrote in with another suggestion: the Trent iCarrier. It doesn’t come with a wall adapter of its own, but it has other advantages: 12,000mAh power capacity, meaning it can … (More)


(Readers, take note of the promo code at the end of this post.) There are a number of ways to deal with device battery life issues while traveling. I personally like using a Mophie Juice Pack Air on my iPhone … (More)

Kanex DoubleUp — Two-Port USB Wall Charger for iPad and iPhone

As the title suggests, the Kanex DoubleUp is a wall adapter that accepts two USB cables. It’s powerful enough to charge two iPads relatively quickly, thanks to each USB port’s 10.5-watt output, and it has helpful status LEDs on the … (More)

Synology DiskStation DS213j

The Synology Diskstation DS213j NAS—recently reviewed by our own editor Shawn Blanc—is an excellent way of storing all the stuff on your home network. With two drive bays that can handle up to 10 TB of HDD storage, a gigabit … (More)

The bttn

The bttn is an interesting little gizmo that reminds me of a Griffin PowerMate but without the volume-dial component. What looks like a simple colored button (hence the name) is actually a web-connected device capable of executing interesting commands, similar … (More)

iGrill 2

The iGrill 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer designed for pros and serious enthusiasts but simple enough for amateur grillers to use. Building on the design and features of the original iGrill, the iGrill 2 has upped its probe capacity … (More)

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