Harris Tweed Device Sleeves & Notebook Covers

Thanks to The Pen Addict’s review of the Hobonichi planner that I read over the weekend, I stumbled across the Esplanade London Etsy store. There, shop owner Laura Yuan makes and sells a variety of device sleeves and notebook covers, all made from Harris Tweed. The reviewer herself (Susan M. Pigott) had this to say about her “Cousin” (A5) cover: You can…

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

The Arlo smart home camera from Netgear is a completely wire free camera. It operates on Wi-Fi and is powered by CR123 lithium batteries. Netgear reports that a set of batteries will last six months, but your usage will vary depending on temperature and usage. The cameras go to sleep until they sense motion. The Arlo is weatherproof, so you can put it inside or outside (includes night vision).

Automatic – 2nd Generation

Automatic is a dongle that plugs into your car’s ODB-II port (check to see if your car is compatible) and provides a wealth of data. We wrote about the original one back when it was available for pre-order, and the company has continued to innovate. They’ve just released the 2nd generation of the Automatic device. It includes all the same features before, but adds some great new ones.

ASUS 13″ Chromebook

Chromebooks are a nice alternative to traditional laptops at a fraction of the cost Mac or PC. For less than $300, you get a laptop with a keyboard and Google Chrome. If you find yourself only using web based applications (Gmail, Facebook, etc), but want the full laptop experience, a Chromebook makes for a nice option.

HiRise for Apple Watch

Twelve South has just announced they are working on a HiRise Stand for the Apple Watch. Like the HiRise Dock, it uses your existing charging cable. It takes just a second to insert the watch into the dock, and it works with any style band. It will be available in silver or black.


eero is a new router that is aiming to simplify everything from installation, expansion, troubleshooting, and guest access. With simple setup, simple meshing (adding more access points without running cable), and automatic updates, eero looks like a really great product.

UE Megaboom

The new Megaboom is completely waterproof, has Bluetooth connection range of 100 feet, and packs 20 hours of battery life.

Misfit Flash

Most people either know they want to track their activity or know that they don’t–few people fall in the middle, left unsure. But for those whose interest has been raised at some point, the Misfit Flash is a perfect entry tracker. The Flash has an MSRP of $50 directly from Misfit, but has gone on sale in the past from other stores like Amazon or Best Buy for $25.

AmazonBasics 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Laptops are great because they are portable and light weight. Their one downside is they only have 2 USB ports. Whenever I see the back of an iMac, I’m extremely jealous of the 4 ports. Thankfully, Amazon sells powered USB 3.0 hub for $18.99. This will allow you to hook up USB ethernet, a time machine drive, a printer, and your iPhone while still leaving 1 port free.

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