Galaxy Bedding Sets

China-based Etsy seller CBedroom digitally prints colorful, quite-detailed galaxies and other spacescapes onto both sides of soft satin bedding sets. The printed images are fade-resistant and can be washed by hand or machine, hot or cold. Each set is $148 + intl. shipping and includes: 1 duvet cover (aka comforter) 1 sheet 2 pillow covers

MK1 Transforming Coffee Table

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had a love for all things Transformers. I don’t play with those kinds of toys much these days but the MK1 Transforming Coffee Table, which easily changes from coffee table to dining table, could be a sort of grown-up substitute. The crossed table legs can become uncrossed, which causes the side “walls” of the…


The desks of most people I know are huge, clunky monstrosities, much larger than any of them actually requires. We’re talking about desks that take up 1/4 of a room here. I’ve helped some of my friends move those kinds of desks from one house to another, and what a pain that is. I think from now on, I’m going to start…

The Vool Wooden Laptop Stand

The Vool Wooden Laptop Stand is a far cry from the angular, aluminum laptop stands we’ve linked to in the past. While those products certainly have their place, this thing is far more … warm. The Vool stand is handcrafted from hand-picked pieces of pine from the Finnish-Russian border. Its height makes it far more ergonomic than using a notebook sitting on…

Lifta Desk Organizer

I’m currently using an old Apple IIGS to keep my Cinema Display up at the correct height. However, there are far better options. The Lifta Desk Organizer is a fine-looking stand that not only keeps things ergonomically correct, but even offers a place to store peripherals. Available in early 2013, the $95 desk accessory can be pre-ordered in plywood, oak, or (my…

Floppy Disk Table

While this table doesn’t have an announced price yet, and the pre-order form is just an email address, I think I’m prepared to pay just about anything for it. The 28″ x 25″ x 17″ steel table features a sliding disk cover that covers a storage compartment of your remotes, coasters of old data. Bonus material: check it out in action.

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