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Featured Sponsor: Unread, an RSS Reader – New Version Available Now

Rediscover your favorite independent writers with Unread for iPhone. Unread’s relaxing, distraction-free design is unlike any RSS app you’ve used before. It now supports five popular RSS services: NewsBlur, Fever, Feedly, Feedbin, and FeedWrangler. With new features and a refreshed … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Screens – Control Your Computer From Anywhere

Screens 3 for Mac is a beautiful, yet powerful Screen Sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Scanbot for iPhone and Android – PDF Scanner

Scanbot is your premium mobile scanner app for creating high quality PDF or JPG scans of documents (incl. multi-page), receipts, business cards, meeting minutes, whiteboard notes, etc. Scans can be emailed, printed, or automatically uploaded to your favorite cloud drives … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Igloo

Igloo is an intranet you’ll actually like: built with easy-to-use apps like shared calendars, Twitter-like microblogs, file sharing, and more. Everything you need is built-in, and everything is social. This means if you upload a file or write a corporate … (More)

Featured Sponsor: 22Slides, a Simple Portfolio Website Builder

22Slides is a simple portfolio website builder created by a photographer and long-time shawnblanc.net (and more recently, Tools & Toys) reader. Sideways-scrolling image galleries, full-screen photos, great search engine and mobile optimization, custom domain names, great image quality… yadda yadda … (More)

Featured Sponsor: EverWeb Makes it Easy for Mac Users to Build Websites

EverWeb is a powerful, easy to use website builder that is a great alternative for Apple’s discontinued iWeb builder. EverWeb provides a full drag and drop user interface while still allowing for advanced features such as; mobile websites, drop down … (More)

Featured Sponsor: CocoaConf — The developer conference for those who think different

CocoaConf: the developer conference for those who think different What do you get when you take some of the best Apple dev authors, trainers, and speakers and combine them with the most passionate, engaged developers in a region? You get … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Creative Labs AXX 200

We believe there’s so much more that your portable wireless speaker should do for you. That’s why we made the AXX 200. The AXX 200 is a Bluetooth wireless speaker + Sound Blaster audio processor. This means a portable wireless … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Campaign Monitor

Designing emails that look beautiful, render perfectly and drive strong response is increasingly difficult. That’s why Campaign Monitor compiled the top 100 emails of 2013 into a free eBook, alongside tips on design and content. The Top 100 Email Marketing … (More)

Sponsor: Appoint – the calendar that works for you

Finally, a calendar app for iOS that is a real tool, not a toy. Appoint 2.3 is primarily aimed at people with busy schedules and little time. The app’s clever auto-completion engine prefills information based on past events. That means … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 by Creative Labs

Imagine your wireless speaker, on steroids. Each AXX 200 is a Bluetooth wireless speaker + Sound Blaster audio processor. This means a portable wireless speaker with power for real-time audio enhancement. Intelligence. That’s what the AXX 200 brings to the … (More)

Featured Sponsor: 21 Premium, Responsive, One-Page HTML5 Templates

Our friends at MightyDeals have a great deal on a bundle of 21 one-page HTML website templates with the popular parallax scrolling effect. Every template was built on a responsive design framework, loads super fast and is packed with great … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Creative VIP

Creative VIP is the exclusive membership club for creative professionals, writers, and designers. Here’s what membership includes: Discounts on world-class services from Media Temple, Squarespace, Fontdeck, Virb, Name.com, and dozens of other companies. Discounts on apps you’ll love, like TextExpander, … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Scribe: Copy and paste anything from your Mac to your iPhone, without Wi-Fi

Scribe lets you copy and paste snippets of text, web addresses and images from your Mac to your iPhone with a single keystroke. Using Bluetooth LE technology, Scribe keeps your Mac and iOS devices connected without draining your battery. Unlike … (More)

Featured Sponsor: myLook

myLook lets you easily manage your real-life wardrobe. You can create your own perfect outfits, change accessories and colors, find your friends, rate their looks and share yours. Create your real-life wardrobe mix and match your clothes, test different outfits … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Step-by-step Learning with Mijingo

We all need to keep learning new skills and improving those we already have. Mijingo helps you learn web design and development topics through our well-crafted video courses. Right now you can get our 8-course The Happy Cog Way series … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Out of Pages. Subscribe to notebooks.

Some ideas can’t be saved on a smartphone. They have to be sketched, diagrammed or written by hand. They have to be torn out and handed to someone or rolled into a bottle and sent adrift. Out of Pages wants … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Faast

Faast is a real-time content reader for your iOS 7 devices. It combines all your RSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook and email into one app. It uses the same backend technology used for my previous app Push4, featured in the Top … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Webydo — Professional Website Design Software

Webydo enables professional web and graphic designers to create, publish, and manage pixel-perfect websites without having to write a single line of code, and provides them with the freedom of creativity to focus on what’s important — the DESIGN. Webydo … (More)

Featured Sponsor: Atlassian’s agile guide

What’s the point of an agile standup meeting? Gone are the days of 30-minute status meetings where most people are half-asleep or pecking away on their laptops, oblivious to what’s being said. Agile standups are the leaner, more efficient cousin … (More)

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