City Prints Spaceflight Maps

These Spaceflight maps are perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of going to space. From Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 mission routes to lunar landings and even to a Kennedy Space Center launchpad, these prints are sure to make your … (More)

‘Exceptionally Great Espresso — Art & Science’ Print

As this print’s store page says, “Great espresso is both an art form and a science” Crafted with custom inks on beautiful Italian paper, this 20″ x 27.5″ print celebrates espresso by describing its theory and preparation in great detail, … (More)

Sketch 3 for Mac

If there’s one tool digital designers love to hate, it’s Photoshop. It’s ideal for editing photos and creating complex graphics, but not so much for designing user interfaces. Sketch is a Mac app specifically designed for building UIs, icons, CSS-friendly … (More)

Comic Neue

People have mixed feelings about Comic Sans. “Civilians” love the font for its casual handwritten look, while designers just love to hate it. Graphic designer Craig Rozynski decided he’d had enough of this divide, and designed a new typeface intended … (More)

Sean McCabe’s ‘Learn Lettering’ Classes

Sean McCabe, the guy who designed the awesome ‘Influence the World’ poster (amongst many other things) has put together a set of video courses to help you become a hand-lettering artist yourself. In these videos, Sean shows you how to … (More)

David Foster Wallace on Leadership — Print

This Friday—February 21, 2014—would have been the 52nd birthday of one of my favorite essayists, David Foster Wallace. To celebrate the occasion, designer Debbie Millman teamed up with Brain Pickings to capture a passage he wrote about leadership, both in … (More)

Skyline Ruler

It’s a standard metric ruler on one edge (20cm), and a detailed city skyline stencil on the other. There’s not a whole lot else I can say, other than that it looks awesome. They’ve got stencils for London (my favorite), … (More)

Studio Neat T-Shirt

Our friends at Studio Neat have designed an awesome t-shirt ($21) that sports all of their products in one image. Not much more to say than that, other than that the sale is run sort of like Kickstarter, in that … (More)

Naoto Fukasawa

Certain industrial designers, such as Dieter Rams and Jony Ive, get a lot of attention within our community—and rightfully so—but one guy who maybe doesnt get talked about as much he deserves is Naoto Fukasawa. Some readers may recall this … (More)

‘Jony Ive’ by Leander Kahney

Released just this morning, Jony Ive by Leander Kahney (editor of the Cult of Mac blog) explores the meteoric rise of Apple’s famous product designer, Sir Ive himself. We’re really looking forward to reading this. While this is not a … (More)

The App Design Handbook, iOS 7 Edition

Written by Nathan Barry and Jeremy Olson, The App Design Handbook is an eBook package that guides app makers through the process of designing their apps for iOS 7. With 126 pages of great information, video interviews with nearly a … (More)

Exceptional Expressions of Espresso Poster

From the same folks who brought you the Compendious Coffee Chart poster (which is now available in coffee mug form) comes another coffee-themed print, Exceptional Expressions of Espresso. This beautiful 18″x24″ poster breaks down the ingredient ratios of 23 different … (More)

‘Essence’ Icon Set for iOS 7

The Icons & Coffee group, makers of the popular ‘Perspective’ icon set for OmniFocus, have released another awesome set of icons: ‘Essence’ for iOS 7. With 300 icons covering a wide variety of categories, this set is the perfect tool … (More)

‘Influence the World’ Poster

Sean McCabe is a very talented hand-lettering artist and designer, and sells a number of awesome prints and other goodies. My favorite of the bunch is the ‘Influence the World’ poster, not just because it’s beautiful, but also because it’s … (More)

The Life Hack Poster

While the term “life hacks” has gotten kicked around a lot over the years, a new Kickstarter project by Alex Croft breathes new life into the phrase. The 24×36 inch poster is well designed, featuring white and black art over … (More)

Design Crazy

There are a lot of books about Apple’s history. However, most of them end at the iMac in 1999 or the iPod in 2001, which is disappointing. This is starting to change a bit, though. The $1.99 Kindle book Design … (More)

Just Enough Research

Just Enough Research is the latest book to come from the ever-excellent A Book Apart publishing group. Written by Mule co-founder Erika Hall, Just Enough Research delves into the nitty-gritty of doing excellent research for your projects, whether they be … (More)

Delight is in the Details

Written by our fearless editor Shawn Blanc, Delight is in the Details is an audio book, eBook, and interview series for people who make things. The focus is on addressing the finest goal a person in our industry can have: … (More)

The Shape of Design

The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero is a fantastic book that examines the world of design, and the role of designers that inhabit it. This isn’t a guide to making websites look great, or a how-to on making apps. … (More)


Yesterday, the guys at introduced a webfont project they’re calling Cloud.typography, and it looks fantastic. This appears to be their answer to services like Typekit, and includes the entire H&FJ typeface collection. You know how the default fonts in … (More)

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