Days of the Week Coffee Rack

Like it says on the tin, this is a rack that lets you store and display a week’s worth of coffee. Each day of coffee is represented by a test tube, which seems fitting. $46 at Meriwether of Montana.

Canadiano Coffee Maker

Okay, so maybe this trend of craz- er, inventive new coffee brewers is starting to get a little out of hand. It seems that we’re getting ever closer to some sort of Coffee Maker Singularity, and the Canadiano Coffee Maker … (More)

Duo Coffee Steeper

The Duo Coffee Steeper is a Kickstarter project that combines the longer steeping time of a French press with the cleanliness of a pour-over brewer. The instructions are simple: load up the top chamber with coffee and hot water, stir, … (More)

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine

If there’s one thing we at Tools & Toys (and many of our readers) are not in need of, it’s another coffee-making contraption. I mean, the lot of us are nearly full-on baristas at this point. But this beautiful, upcoming … (More)

Snow Peak Coffee Dripper

Coffee and camping are two things that go together very well, but I feel like a lot of brewing equipment is too delicate for the outdoors. As much as I like my Hario V60, I’m not sure the ceramic would … (More)

Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Before the coffee geeks cry out with indignation: yes, I realize I am linking to a Nespresso product and Nespresso is a blight on the coffee-making world, but this is not one of their wasteful coffee pod contraptions. No, the … (More)

Impress Coffee Brewer

The Impress Coffee Brewer is a combination coffee press and travel mug that aims to make the brewing process a breeze. Put some freshly ground coffee in the press, pour in some hot water and let it brew for a … (More)

Exceptional Expressions of Espresso Poster

From the same folks who brought you the Compendious Coffee Chart poster (which is now available in coffee mug form) comes another coffee-themed print, Exceptional Expressions of Espresso. This beautiful 18″x24″ poster breaks down the ingredient ratios of 23 different … (More)

Guide: Awesome Coffee Gear

Let’s assume you’re interested in brewing awesome coffee on a regular basis. Making great coffee from home is almost entirely a matter of having decent gear, fresh beans, and a recipe. The bulk of this guide focuses on the gear. … (More)

Pour Mason

One of the best ways to brew a great cup of coffee is using a pourover method — a couple of the more popular options are the Chemex and Hario V60 brewers. The Pour Mason is an interesting Kickstarter that … (More)


Some people like to work in an office, while others – like myself – are at our creative best in a comfortable environment like a coffee shop. For those of us in the latter camp, Coffitivity is an excellent app … (More)

Toddy Cold Brew System

There have been a lot of coffee makers and accessories on Tools & Toys over the years, but somehow, the Toddy Cold Brew System has never been featured (only mentioned once by yours truly). Maybe Shawn and Stephen just aren’t … (More)

AeroPress Travel Cap

The AeroPress is an excellent coffee maker to take when traveling. I slide a dozen paper filters and a plastic bag of beans into the inside of the plunger whenever I’m going on a trip. The only problem is that … (More)

Grady’s Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate

You know what’s better than a cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning? A cup of iced coffee on a hot afternoon. I don’t know about you guys, but in my neck of the woods, it’s already starting … (More)

Camano Coffee Mill

The kitchens of many coffee nerds are practically overflowing with coffee paraphernalia, but a lot of that stuff isn’t very well-suited for traveling. Electric burr grinders are no exception to this, which is why hand grinders are so great. They … (More)

The Medium-sized, 18-ounce Espro Press

We consider the Espro Press to be the best french press pot you can get. Its double-walled steel vessel keeps your coffee hot for over an hour. And the double micro filter keeps grit out. It’s unlike any french press … (More)

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee Book

For those not in the know, Blue Bottle Coffee is one of the highest-regarded coffee roasters in the business. They have unrelenting passion and focus when it comes to serving up high quality coffee, so their reputation is well deserved. … (More)

Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle

We’ve mentioned the standard Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle ($42) before, but the kinds of coffee nerds who experiment with AeroPress recipes are likely to want very precise temperature control. And that’s exactly what the Bonavita Variable Temperature model ($90) brings to … (More)

Moderna Artisan Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

A good drink — hot or cold — should be about more than just the taste. The smell and look of a beverage round out what can be a simple, yet enjoyable, experience. That’s one reason I like the Moderna Artisan … (More)

Caffeine Chemistry Coffee Cup

This 8-ounce mug has a handy reminder that it’s time for more coffee imprinted in the bottom — the molecular structure of caffeine. The graphic is permanently fused to the mug, so the science lesson won’t come off with repeated use. … (More)

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