iPhone 6 Jogging Armband Case

It’s still the early days for iPhone 6 accessories, but we’ve already found a jogging armband + case that we love: the SUPCASE Sport.


Bike Pannier (Messenger Bag) by Anhaica Bag Works

Photo credit: Álvaro Serrano. Be sure to also read the story behind the photo. * * * This waxed-canvas pannier by Anhaica Bag Works is a beautiful, versatile messenger bag for cyclists. It clips securely onto the bike’s frame via … (More)

United Pixelworkers Active Duty II Tee

The t-shirt designers at United Pixelworkers have teamed up with Fiks:Reflective to produce the super-reflective Active Duty II shirt for nighttime cyclists and runners. Made from soft black American Apparel poly-cotton 50/50, this tee sports UP’s classic UNTD PXLWRKRS design … (More)

Brooks “Challenge” — Leather Tool Bag for Cyclists

The Brooks Challenge is a beautiful leather bag that attaches to your bike saddle, keeping your cyclists’ tools handy at all times. The buckles of the attachment straps are located inside the bag, as well as the enclosure strap, which … (More)

Hard Graft’s New Bicycle Bags

Hard Graft has just released two premium leather bike bags: the Frame Folio (pictured above) and the smaller Frame Pack. The Frame Folio ($409) is large enough to hold an iPad Air along with other daily essentials, while the Frame … (More)


Skylock is a smart new bike lock that runs on sunlight and connects with your smartphone in interesting ways. It can be unlocked in one of three ways, configured and enabled only by you: A touch of a button in … (More)

Cartom Wrist Wallet

As slim as wallets have gotten in recent years, there are still times when it’s unfeasible to carry one. Some mornings, I enjoy a quick bike ride to and from my local coffee shop but I’m often wearing shorts with … (More)

Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Tool

The Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Tool, made from aerospace-grade titanium, packs several bike repair tools into a small, light package. It comes with everything listed below: A variety of box wrenches: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 16mm 14 and 15g … (More)

Velo Transit’s Edge 30 Waterproof Backpack

The Edge 30 Backpack by Velo Transit is an ideal bag for cyclists—or really, anyone who ever has to deal with rain while carrying their things around outdoors. The interior lining is RF-welded and thus prevents moisture from leaking in … (More)

Fly6 — Bicycle Camera and Rear-Light

Yesterday, the Fly6 bicycle camera and rear-light was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and now it’s officially available for pre-order. Essentially, the Fly6 replaces your bike’s existing tail-light and records the rear view of your ride in real-time. Why is this … (More)

Buca Boot: Flexible Secure Storage for the Urban Biker

The Buca Boot is a new Kickstarter project designed to make biking with items easier than now. While saddle bags, cases and more exist, the Buca Boot is a new lockable, waterproof, handsome rig that’s designed to be more flexible … (More)

MINI Folding Bike

If you live in a big city where lots of people like to get around on bikes, you already know that it can be difficult to find a good space to park your own bike. Or sometimes you have to … (More)

Sons of Trade Satellite Sling

Remember that Journey Pack bag from Sons of Trade that I posted the other day? Well, there’s another bag made by the same people that I think is also worth mentioning: the Satellite Sling. Unlike the Journey Pack, which is … (More)

Glowire for Tom Bihn’s Smart Alec

While my Smart Alec is a great backpack, its solid-black construction isn’t great for visibility when I’m on my bike. This problem is easily solved, however. Tom Bihn has a Glowire kit for sale for the bag now. It’s $18, … (More)

Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount

I’ve been passively on the lookout for a decent iPhone bike mount, and the Quad Lock looks to be an excellent choice. You can attach it to your bike’s frame using the provided pair of rubber o-rings if you’re going … (More)

Wahoo Fitness Blue Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor

Whether I’m on the trails on riding my bike to work, I use Map My Ride to track of my miles, speed, etc. While it’s not perfect, it’s simple. I start the app on my iPhone 5, stick it in … (More)


Ever since I bought myself a road bike last year, I’ve been super paranoid about leaving it in public places. I’ve got a pretty nice lock, but I’ve read enough horror stories to know that a persistent thief will quickly … (More)

The InterLock

When it is nice out, I ride my bike to work several days a week. One of the big annoyances is dealing with my lock. It’s heavy to keep in my shoulder bag, but too bulky to keep on the … (More)

Vintage Bread Bag & Bike Pack

While these vintage bags might be 40 years old, they are still great looking — and useful. With loops to attach the bag to handlbars, the Swiss Army ration bags make a great addition for any commuter. With a strap, … (More)

Sparse Bicycle Lights

One down side to riding my bike to work this time of year is the fact that it gets dark here in the Central time zone super early. I, like all responsible riders who value their own lives, have lights … (More)