Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. Backpack

Our fearless editor Shawn Blanc is known to be an avid snowboarder, and with winter almost upon us, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about Oakley’s new Snowmad R.A.S (removable airbag system) Backpack ($225). Designed for cross-country treks, … (More)

Blackstone Urban Quiver

If you’re the type of photographer who’s always dreamed of carrying your gear like Hawkeye, then the Urban Quiver by Blackstone Bags should be right up your alley. Made of military-grade nylon and sporting a surprising amount of storage space … (More)

Nock Co. Pen Cases

Nock Co. is a new startup by Jeffrey Bruckwicki and Brad Dowdy focused on creating beautiful, functional pen accessories. Their initial Kickstarter project features numerous products. Ranging from the The Chimneytop, a mini pop-up case with a single zipper for … (More)

ProTravel Carry-on

The ProTravel Carry-on by Minaal is a Kickstarter that caught my eye recently. Essentially, it’s a backpack that was specifically designed with travelers in mind. The main pocket opens up wide enough that the bag can lie flat while you … (More)

Hack Lederware Sport Duffel

The Hack Lederware Sport Duffel ($239) is a canvas-and-suede bag that I think would be a perfect carry-on companion for air travelers. It sports a nicely textured exterior, with dual leather carrying handles and a detachable linen webbing messenger strap. … (More)

Cocoon SLIM Backpack

Remember the Grid-It organizer I wrote about a while back? Well as it turns out, the guys at Cocoon have made a backpack – the Cocoon SLIM ($80) – that actually incorporates a large Grid-It organizer into one of its … (More)

Yield Picnic Bag

Summertime is in full swing, and the weather here in Oklahoma City has been quite pleasant this year, unlike previous years where it’s constantly 100°F or higher. It’s perfect picnic weather, and I’m considering picking up a couple of these … (More)

Sons of Trade Satellite Sling

Remember that Journey Pack bag from Sons of Trade that I posted the other day? Well, there’s another bag made by the same people that I think is also worth mentioning: the Satellite Sling. Unlike the Journey Pack, which is … (More)

Sons of Trade Journey Pack

Ever since I picked up an iPad 4, I’ve been on the lookout for a bag that will snugly accommodate the device along with some other items. The Journey Pack by Sons of Trade ($139) seems to fit the bill … (More)

Mirrorless Mover 10 Camera Bag

The Mirrorless Mover 10 Camera Bag looks like a great bag if you’ve made the jump to Micro 4/3. This bag is built for the more compact systems, but includes space for an additional lens, cables and more. Best part? … (More)

Glowire for Tom Bihn’s Smart Alec

While my Smart Alec is a great backpack, its solid-black construction isn’t great for visibility when I’m on my bike. This problem is easily solved, however. Tom Bihn has a Glowire kit for sale for the bag now. It’s $18, … (More)

Billykirk No. 165 Medium Carryall

I’ve said this before, but it must be very obvious by now that we love great bags here at Tools and Toys. Today I wanted to talk a little about this carryall by Billykirk, which they’ve dubbed the ‘No. 165 … (More)

Booq Courier Messenger Bag

While Chris’ post yesterday is fine and all, I like my bags a bit darker. A bit more menacing, if you will. Enter the Booq Courier. Dressed in graphite nylon on the outside, with a herringbone nylon interior. This particular … (More)

Sandqvist Erik Blue Messenger Bag

I’m starting to notice a trend within myself: apparently I like navy-blue-and-leather bags. Today’s specimen is the Sandqvist Erik Blue messenger bag, which is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon and features vegetable-tanned leather straps. There’s a padded pocket big … (More)

HEX Tribute Cloak Backpack

I consider myself a messenger bag kind of guy, but every now and then a sweet-looking backpack will catch my eye (rhyme unintended but I’m leaving it). Such is the case with the Tribute Cloak Backpack by HEX ($100). The … (More)

The New Tom Bihn Smart Alec

I’ve written about my Smart Alec before, and I genuinely love it. However, since buying mine a while back, Tom Bihn has released an update to the backpack. While both the new and old bags have a lot in common, … (More)

Everlane Weekender Duffel Bags

We recently talked about Everlane’s Snap Backpack, and figured it’d only be fitting to also mention their Weekender Duffel Bag. As with the snap backpack, this duffle sports a high-quality canvas outer with waterproof interior lining and leather accents. Every … (More)

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack

We look at a lot of bags here on Tools and Toys, but the Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack is the first one I can recall geared directly toward photographers. The $150 (yay, Prime!) bag is 8.5 x 13 x 17.5 … (More)

Everlane Snap Canvas Backpack

We love a good backpack and the Snap Backpack by Everlane is no exception. It rocks a canvas exterior, a waterproof nylon interior lining, a padded laptop sleeve that’ll fit your 15-inch MacBook Pro, and leather accents throughout. Available in … (More)

Rickshaw Cordura iPad mini Sleeve

We’ve linked to a lot of iPad bags over the years, but sometimes what you need is just a small and simple sleeve. The $29 Rickshaw Cordura iPad mini Sleeve fits that bill nicely. Available in a wide range of … (More)

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