The T&T gang are all big fans of the Jawbone JAMBOX, and now the company has a new, smaller product: the MINI JAMBOX. Just check out these dimensions: Length: 6.06 in (154 mm) Width: 0.96 in (24.5 mm) Height: 2.28 … (More)

BeoPlay A9 Wireless Speaker

As with the BeoPlay H6 headphones I mentioned the other day, the Beoplay A9 speaker is a beautiful way to listen to music. Somewhat resembling a UFO, the A9 is nearly 3 feet tall and boasts some pretty powerful sound, … (More)

B&O BeoPlay H6 Headphones

A couple days ago, Andrew Kim published his review of the BeoPlay H6 headphones, and I was taken aback by how beautiful they are. I recommend heading over there to read the full review and check out the hi-res photos, … (More)


Some people like to work in an office, while others – like myself – are at our creative best in a comfortable environment like a coffee shop. For those of us in the latter camp, Coffitivity is an excellent app … (More)

djay 2 for iOS

djay is an Apple Design Award-winning app that turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a full DJ booth, with manual mix modes, music library integration and more. The new version adds “HD Waveforms,” a new tool that allows … (More)

Logic Pro X

Apple PR: Apple today unveiled Logic Pro X, the most advanced version of Logic Pro to date, featuring a new interface designed for pros, powerful new creative tools for musicians, and an expanded collection of instruments and effects. Logic Pro … (More)

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Built with metal and leather elements, the Sennheiser Momentum Headphones bring to the table not only a touch of class, but great sound. 18-ohm operating impedance produces great, clear sound. Unlike some other high-end over-the-ear headphones, the Momentums come with … (More)

iHome iPL10BC

The iHome iPL10BC’s full name is rather unfortunate. Amazon lists the item as “iHome Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play for iPhone/iPod.” That mouthful aside, the iHome device is a $70 alarm clock with … (More)

Tunebox for iOS

Tunebox is a neat iOS app that acts as an audio player for your Dropbox account. It automatically scans your entire Dropbox folder for any MP3 or MP4/AAC audio files, then organizes them the same way the built-in Music app … (More)

Apogee Duet for iPad & Mac

We’ve covered the Apogee ONE here before, but now the recording rig has a big brother: the Apogee Duet for iPad & Mac. Check out this list of I/O: MIDI input/output (USB-A type connector) DC power supplies charge to iPod … (More)

Pioneer A4 Wireless Speaker

If someone were to ask me what the best AirPlay speaker setup is, in most cases I would point them to the Sonos system. It’s super easy to set up, especially if you want multiple speakers throughout your house. But … (More)

TC-11 for iPad

TC-11 is a trippy, fully programmable, multitouch synthesizer app for iPad. Rather than fiddling with a bunch of knobs, you interact with the app by tapping and dragging your fingers around the screen. The sounds produced by the synthesizer depend … (More)

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Speaker System

The Bowers & Wilkins ‘zeppelin’ family of speakers has always been a popular lineup, and for good reason. Each one has an interesting design, they all sound fantastic, and B&W continually adds awesome new features with each revision. The latest … (More)

The Vamp

Got an old-school stereo, but don’t want to add an AirPort Express to get AirPlay working with it? Well, if Bluetooth audio is your jams, this Kickstarter project might just be the ticket. The 4 watt peak single channel amplifier … (More)

The Battle of the Buds

Apple’s newish, poorly-named EarPods are more comfortable than their old built-in white earbuds, but I still don’t enjoy wearing them for any amount lengthy amount of time. Mostly because I have tiny ear canals and the white ear pieces that … (More)


The microphones built into iDevices are…okay at best. They’re perfectly suitable for capturing your personal memos, but not exactly something you’d use to record live music or interview someone with. The iXY mic by RØDE aims to solve that problem, … (More)

Logitech X-140 Computer Speakers

I recently bought a set of Logitech X-140 computer speakers for my desk at work, and so far, I’m impressed with them. I know what you’re thinking — why did someone who links to awesome stuff 7 days a week spend … (More)

Zooka Bluetooth Speaker

Recently I posted about the Soundbender, which is a lo-fi way of redirecting an iPad’s audio output towards you rather than out into the air. For anyone looking for a more robust solution, I’d recommend the Zooka Bluetooth Speaker. It … (More)

Bowers & Wilkins A7 Wireless Music Speaker System

There are a ton of AirPlay speakers out on the market, but the Bowers & Wilkins A7 Wireless Music Speaker System stands alone. According to Lex Friedman at Macworld, it sounds incredible. And it should, for $800. So, what does … (More)

Traktor DJ for iPad

While there are several “DJ apps” out there for the iPad, Traktor DJ is unique. Instead of presenting turntables on your tablet’s screen, this $20 app shows the waveforms of your selected tracks, allowing you you to touch your music … (More)

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