The Prompt T-Shirt

Our friends over at The Prompt podcast have just put a t-shirt up for sale. They need to sell 40 of them in the next two weeks for the shirts to get printed, so if you enjoy their show as … (More)

Cartom Wrist Wallet

As slim as wallets have gotten in recent years, there are still times when it’s unfeasible to carry one. Some mornings, I enjoy a quick bike ride to and from my local coffee shop but I’m often wearing shorts with … (More)

‘The Hare & The Flying Tortoise’ Collection by Gnome & Bow

“What if bags could be more? What if bags could tell stories?” This is the question Quanda Ong asked himself in May 2013, when he quit his banking job to found fashion company Gnome & Bow. This mindset led him … (More)

Coffee Slingers T-Shirt

Coffee Slingers is one of the best coffee shops and roasters in my home town of Oklahoma City. If you’re ever in town you should really check the place out and get some delicious coffee, but a trip to OKC … (More)

Stalward Ltd.’s Heavy Navy Gingham Tie

Winter may be almost over, but there’s still a little time left to rock a nice-looking gingham tie, and Stalward Ltd. has you covered. Their $68 heavy navy gingham tie is both stylish and classy, and is neutral enough to … (More)

Studio Neat T-Shirt

Our friends at Studio Neat have designed an awesome t-shirt ($21) that sports all of their products in one image. Not much more to say than that, other than that the sale is run sort of like Kickstarter, in that … (More)

Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry is a company that sells premium, stylish socks for men and women. As their tagline states, their goal is to “rid the world of old and boring socks.” They sell individual packs of socks (each containing 6 pairs) … (More)

Pocket Squares by ‘Put This On’

We’re big fans of the Put This On video series around here. As they themselves describe it, it’s “a web series about dressing like a grownup.” More than that though, they do a lot of behind-the-scenes interviews with people who … (More)

Outlier Doublebag

When I go on trips that last a few days or longer, I typically just throw my dirty clothes back into the suitcase, but on the opposite side from my clean clothes. I know I can’t be the only one … (More)


The other day, our good friend Matt Alexander launched his long-awaited startup, Need. To sum it up, Need is a monthly, curated retailer and lifestyle magazine for men. What does that mean? Well, the way it works is that each … (More)

GORUCK Leather Reverse Flag Patch

GORUCK is an American company that makes super-durable rucksacks (amongst other things), and they take their patriotism very seriously. All of their gear is made right here in the U.S., it’s designed to meet the standards of Special Forces soldiers, … (More)

The Runwell Watch by Shinola

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a connoisseur of watches. I typically don’t even spend more than twenty bucks on one. But I do have an appreciation for things that exhibit a certain level of craftsmanship. The Runwell … (More)

Ugmonk 5th Anniversary Set

Over the last five years, Ugmonk has been the purveyor of awesome graphic tees that show an affinity for fine typography. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Ugmonk has designed a limited-run collection of neat stuff that’s worth checking out. This … (More)

‘It’s Always Coffee Time’ Tee

Shirts with text should say something about you. As the T & T crew are addicted to coffee, we loved this shirt as soon as we saw it. Printed on a tagless tee, this shirt states a simple law of … (More)

Scotch & Soda Men’s Outdoor Jacket

With cooler temperatures (finally) showing up across much of the US, it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. The Scotch & Soda Men’s Outdoor Jacket is a 50% Wool/40% Polyester jacket with removable liner that looks simply great. In … (More)

Sevenly: Laura’s House

Sevenly is an organization that helps raise funding and awareness for charities around the world. Every week, Sevenly partners with a charity by designing a line of shirts related to that charity’s mission. For every tee sold, $7 is donated … (More)

Sevenly: Pencils of Promise

Sevenly helps raise funding and awareness for charities around the world. Every week, Sevenly partners with a charity by designing a line of shirts related to that charity’s mission. For every tee sold, $7 is donated directly that week’s charity. … (More)

Leather Business Card Case

This leather business card case features walnut sides and a unique cut-away design making it easy to push out your cards, rather than try to pinch and pull them out of the case. The result is a crisp, unwrinkled card … (More)

Wallet Emergency Cufflinks

Part of being a professional-dressed man is being prepared. The Wallet Emergency Cufflinks are designed with this in mind. This stainless steel, business card sized sheet includes four emergency cufflinks. Simply pop them out and fold them over, and you’ll … (More)

Batman Cufflinks

I really can’t add anything to this, except that if you want to buy me some, shoot me an email for my shipping address.

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