Take Control of 1Password

When I recently recommended 1Password, I mentioned a few of its features but there is so much more to the app than I could possibly cover here. That’s why you should pick up a copy of TidBITS senior editor Joe … (More)

Sketch 3 for Mac

If there’s one tool digital designers love to hate, it’s Photoshop. It’s ideal for editing photos and creating complex graphics, but not so much for designing user interfaces. Sketch is a Mac app specifically designed for building UIs, icons, CSS-friendly … (More)

1Password — Easy Password Management

It’s been over a year since we last mentioned 1Password on T&T. Given the recent discovery of the Heartbleed SSL bug that has people all over the internet changing their passwords, now seems a good time to remind everyone why … (More)

Mileage Log+ for iPhone

My wife runs her own dance school, which often requires us to leave town for competitions and performances. On those trips, we track our mileage and travel expenses for tax purposes. Nothing a simple notepad can’t handle, but I am … (More)

Deckset for Mac

Deckset is a Mac app for making slide presentations with Markdown. Compose your thoughts in your favorite text editor, send them to Deckset, and it uses one of several themes to give your words a little flair. Deckset recognizes Markdown … (More)

Learning to Love Evernote 2.0

Our friend Bradley Chambers updated his iBook and screencast series, Learning to Love Evernote, to version 2.0 today. He has re-recorded every video with new tips, tricks, and workflows to account for updated editions of the Evernote iOS apps. It’s … (More)

Monument Valley for iOS

Monument Valley is a new game for iPhone and iPad that was clearly inspired by the art of M.C. Escher. You play as Ida, a silent princess who must navigate and exit a series of seemingly impossible architecture by solving … (More)

TextExpander Touch 2.5

Speaking of TextExpander Touch, it’s been updated to version 2.5 and sports a new iOS 7 design along with some new features. They’ve made it much easier to rename and reorder snippet groups, as well as move individual snippets between … (More)

Fantastical 2 for iPad

The only thing that ever bugged me about Fantastical 2 was that it was an iPhone-only app. I suppose it still worked well enough on an iPad in 2x mode, but thankfully our long national nightmare is over because Fantastical … (More)

WriteRight for iOS

WriteRight is an app for iPhone and iPad that probably won’t replace your favorite iOS text editor (*cough* Editorial *cough*), but works nicely as a supplemental writing and editing tool. It analyzes your writing and offers synonyms and antonyms for … (More)

Paprika Recipe Manager for iOS

For a long time, my go-to recipe manager was Evernote. Then, it was Basil for iPad. It’s been a while since that switch, but the limitation of Basil being iPad-only (amongst a few other quibbles) has finally started wearing on … (More)

Prizmo — Text Scanner and OCR for iOS

Prizmo is an iOS app that lets you use your device’s camera to scan text and do all sorts of neat things with it. The scanned text can be exported directly, or saved in PDF or image form to be … (More)

Checkmark 2 for iPhone

Checkmark 2 is the latest edition of the popular iPhone task-management app. It’s been rebuilt from scratch for iOS 7 and has lots of new features to help you get stuff done. My favorite new feature is the ability to … (More)

CameraSync for iOS

These days, who wants to plug their iOS device into a computer to back up photos anymore? All of mine end up on Dropbox anyway, so why not cut out the middle man and upload the photos directly? This is … (More)

Kanji Sensei for iPhone

Learning Japanese is a small side project I’ve been tackling here and there for the last month or so. You’d think that with all the language-learning apps available on the iOS App Store, I’d be able to find at least … (More)

Waterlogue for iOS

Waterlogue is an iOS app that can make any of your photos look like gorgeous watercolor paintings. Similar to apps like Instagram, there are a handful of filters that can transform photos in various delightful ways. You can see some … (More)

Plink — An iOS Image Solution for Bloggers

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I do all of my writing and blogging from my iPad, using a combination of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Editorial. I enjoy this setup for the most part, but the one aspect … (More)


Tengami is a new game for iOS (universal) that places you in the role of a samurai who must explore a mystical pop-up book world. In this world, you are able to “page” through various backdrops and interact with the … (More)

Pushpin for Pinboard — iOS 7 Edition

This won’t be the first time we’ve talked about Pushpin for Pinboard, but I wanted to bring it up again for a couple of reasons: The release of Pushpin 3.0 a few weeks ago brought a completely overhauled interface to … (More)

Numerical — A Beautiful Calculator for iPhone

My buddy Andrew J. Clark (of The Menu Bar fame) just released his gorgeous, first-ever iPhone app, Numerical. The tagline for the app is “A Calculator Without Equal”, which is not only clever from a marketing perspective, but also true … (More)

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