ScreenFlow 5

ScreenFlow for the Mac is one of the best screencasting tools around. With ScreenFlow 5, Telestream has delivered some great new features. My favorite one is the built in iPhone or iPad screen recording (lighting connections with iOS 8 and Yosemite only). While QuickTime can do this, having it built right into ScreenFlow greatly simplifies my workflow.

Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator now has an iPad app. I’ve been a big fan of it on the Mac for a few years. It includes iOS 8 features (Extensions, iCloud Drive, Document Picker, and Handoff), great retouching tools, templates, ability to import/export Photoshop documents, and a lot more. It’s available for only $4.99.

The Definitive OS X Yosemite Review

John Siracusa’s OS X reviews are legendary at this point. With each new version of OS X, he does deep dive into all the changes and upgrades. Before sitting down to use the final version of any OS X update, I always block off a few hours to thoroughly read his lengthy review. His Yosemite review is now available for pre-order on Kindle and iBooks for only $4.99.

Prompt 2

The folks at Panic have delivered again with Prompt 2 for iOS. Prompt 2 is a great SSH client for iOS. It supports touch ID, Panic Sync, and has a new clipping feature to saved your most frequently used commands.

OmniFocus 2 for iPad

OmniFocus is arguably the gold standard when it comes to professional-grade Mac and iOS task management software. The iPad app was just overhauled with a modern design and support for all of the latest iOS 8 features.

1Password 5 for iOS

As much as we’ve loved the iOS version of 1Password, it has always been crippled by the sandboxing Apple put in place to keep apps from talking to one another. With the release of iOS 8 and its new system share sheet, that is no longer a concern.

Transmit for iOS

In 2008, our editor Shawn Blanc wrote this about Transmit, the awesome file-transfer app for Mac: What sets Transmit apart, is that it works great for everyone: the single-blog publisher, to the large-scale website developer. Transmit’s interface and usability is clean, easy to understand and works without fail, time after time. And that’s just the beginning. Transmit is packed to the brim…

VMware Fusion 7

If you need to run Windows applications on your Mac, VMware Fusion is one of the best options out there. I’ve been using it since it first came out and, I continue to upgrade each year. Some of the notable features of version 7 are: Yosemite support (as a host computer or inside a virtual machine) Windows 8.1 support Increased app nap support…

Quotebook 3 for iOS

The guys at Lickability have released Quotebook 3 for iOS. Quotebook is the best way to capture your favorite quotes—whether they come from books, tweets, songs, movies, your kids, conference talks, or anywhere else. I’ve been a fan of the app for a while now. (I still miss those black leather accents…) With today’s update, this universal app is better than ever.…

Perspective Icons 2

Our friend Federico Viticci and his girlfriend Sylvia Gatta have released Perspective Icons 2, a lovely set of 100 icons for use with OmniFocus 2 for Mac. These icons are available in various colors and resolutions (including Retina), and allow you to add a touch of personality to your OmniFocus custom perspectives. Once installed on your Mac, they will sync to the…

Phone Clean for Mac — Free Up Space on iOS

I recently looked at my iPhone’s usage statistics and noticed Spotify was using 1.1 GB. For an app that is supposed to be about streaming music—I don’t download anything locally—that seemed like a lot. I’ve run into this situation before. Over time, Dropbox and Google Drive can grow to 800-900 MB without much effort. I used to deal with this by deleting…

Scanbot for iOS

This is a guest post by our friend, Bradley Chambers. Scanning from my iPhone has really made a big impact on my ability to go paperless in my life. Scanbot is my current go-to app for this. It’s extremely fast and simple. Some of the included features: Automatic upload to many cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive) Ability to edit…

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