Catchbox Throwable Microphone

You know how talks and other public events often end with awkward Q&A sessions where someone has to personally carry a mic to various attendees, only to have them fidget with the thing to make sure it’s on? Or events where attendees simply ask questions aloud, and no one but the person onstage can hear them?

The solution is Catchbox, a large, soft cube with a built-in wireless microphone. Presenters simply toss it to someone who has a question, who then talk into the large black circle on top, and then they either throw it back or toss it to the next attendee.

See how it works in this video:

Catchbox turns Q&A sessions into a sort of game, making people more likely to participate and have a good time rather than sit in silence. The mic unit is removable, making the soft outer cover interchangable (there are four available colors to swap between).

The Catchbox system is $599.