Cartom Wrist Wallet

As slim as wallets have gotten in recent years, there are still times when it’s unfeasible to carry one. Some mornings, I enjoy a quick bike ride to and from my local coffee shop but I’m often wearing shorts with no pockets. I could toss my wallet and keys into a backpack, but I don’t need or want to carry all my stuff just to get my caffeine fix.

The Cartom Wrist Wallet is awesome for times like these. As the name implies, it’s a bracelet-type thing that can hold a credit card, ID card, one or two keys, and a little cash. Perfect for biking, working out, going to the beach (a plastic inner zip bag is included), and even riding rides at an amusement park (I’m not kidding; my dad once had a wallet fly out of his pocket on a roller coaster).

One thing to keep in mind: whatever size you think your wrist is, order the next size up because these wallets run a little small. If you want to measure your wrist, use this sizing chart:

  • Small/Medium: 5¾” to 6½”
  • Large/XL: 6½” to 9″
  • XXL: 9″ to 11″

The Cartom Wrist Wallet is $8.75 on Amazon and comes in black, blue, or green.