CARROT: The To-Do List with a Personality

Remember the Tamagotchi craze of the 1990s? You know, those little virtual pets you carried around in your pocket? Ever imagine what it would be like for that cute little alien to grow up into a HAL 9000-esque robot that ordered you around while cracking jokes about you?

That’s basically how I would describe this hilariously awesome new to-do list app called CARROT. In this app, CARROT is your taskmaster, and the object is to keep her happy by completing as many tasks as possible. If you do, you level up and gain persistent awards like pet kittens. Displease her and she’ll begin insulting you, naming your pet “Sludge”, or opening up the Maps app to show you where to pick a reward up but placing the pin in Antarctica. (Protip: Don’t poke her in the eye too many times, she doesn’t like it too much.)

If you’re in need of something to do, you can type in “CARROT I’m bored” and she’ll make up a funny task. Some examples include: Smash an Android phone, Kick a hipster, and Stalk Robert Patinson. The entire experience of the app is designed to make completing tasks fun. I highly recommend checking it out, especially since it’s currently on sale for just a buck.