Camano Coffee Mill

The kitchens of many coffee nerds are practically overflowing with coffee paraphernalia, but a lot of that stuff isn’t very well-suited for traveling. Electric burr grinders are no exception to this, which is why hand grinders are so great. They can be tossed into a bag alongside your AeroPress for easy traveling. And if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, they can alleviate any concerns you have about having fresh coffee everywhere you go.

And why not grind the coffee in style, right? The Camano Coffee Mill (which is a fully-adjustable conical burr grinder) is quite beautiful, with its walnut and cast iron cap. A small mason jar is included and it’s plenty big enough for most single brews, but if you need more space for your grinds you can, of course, use any wide-mouth canning jar you like.