Cable Matters 4-Outlet Power Splitter Cord (2-Pack)

Have you ever been traveling and ended up in a situation where there’s only one accessible power outlet for you to use? It could be when you’re at the airport, or in a cheap hotel, or wherever else — the point is, it’s annoying. You could keep a power strip in your bag I suppose, but what if you need to charge multiple things with large power adapters that won’t fit close together?

Enter these power splitter cords by Cable Matters. They split one wall outlet into four flexible ones, giving you plenty of wiggle room to work with while you charge all your stuff. The pack comes with two cords, totaling eight possible ways to charge if there’s a second wall outlet you can use. (As a bonus, you could be a hero to fellow travelers at the airport by offering to share.)

This two-pack is $15 on Amazon.