CABANANA Fluffy Oversized Beach Towel

With the end of the school year coming up, you know it’s about to be beach and pool season once again. And much like The Hitchhiker’s Guide recommends, you’ll want to go in prepared with a suitable towel for the occasion, such as this oversized one from Cabanana. (Anyone else hear this song when they read that name?)

Measuring 36″ x 70″, this plush, 100% cotton towel is plenty large enough to relax on as you catch some rays by the water, then wrapping all around yourself to dry off with after. And it is quite absorbent, so that latter bit is a job it does wonderfully well.

You can get one of these excellent towels for $27 each on Amazon in a variety of vibrant colorways and patterns. I’m partial to the ones with anchors on them myself.