BURNOUT Temperature-Regulating Travel Mug

As much as we love vacuum insulation technology, it can sometimes feel like scientists have gone too far with its effectiveness. Having your coffee stay hot for hours on end seems great on paper, but what if you want don’t want to wait until deep into the afternoon before it stops scalding your mouth?

A few years ago, the team of aerospace engineers behind the BURNOUT temperature-regulating tumbler set out to fix this problem. They developed a clever technology they call β€œHeatZorb”, a bio-based phase change material that turns from a waxy substance to a liquid at 140Β°F.


Since the mug is lined with this substance and has a vacuum chamber outside of that, what this does is quickly take all that excess scalding heat from the beverage and stores it as thermal energy, slowly transferring back to your drink throughout the day.

In short, your coffee cools down to drinking temperature within minutes and stays there for hours and hours. No more burning mouth, no matter the time of day!

On their website, they mention a couple other neat things about HeatZorb:

Remarkably, HeatZorbβ„’ is produced from agricultural sources and is USDA-certified bio-based. It is non-petroleum, non-toxic, readily biodegradable and 100% renewable. Because it is captive inside the stainless-steel chamber, it can never leak. And, it will consistently perform its repeatable melt/solidify heat transfer cycles many thousands of times, essentially for the life of the mug.

Using literal rocket science to solve the little problems of life πŸ˜Žβ˜•οΈπŸš€

Get the BURNOUT mug for $80 on Amazon in your choice of black or red.